WhatsApp Rumored to Introduce International Payments Feature via UPI

WhatsApp Rumored to Introduce International Payments Feature via UPI

Rumors suggest that WhatsApp may soon be adding a new feature to its platform that would allow Indian users to make international payments through its in-app Unified Payments Interface (UPI) service. This potential feature comes after the delay in WhatsApp’s entry into the payments sector, as other rival platforms had already established themselves in the space by that time.

The information about this new feature was shared by tipster @AssembleDebug on X (formerly known as Twitter). The tipster mentioned that the international payments option is currently unavailable for users, but WhatsApp might be in the process of developing it. This move could potentially help boost the user base of WhatsApp Pay, the platform’s financial service.

In the leaked screenshots shared by the tipster, a new option can be seen in the Payments menu labeled “International payments.” Users can click on this option to open a separate screen where they can select start and end dates for the feature and activate it by entering their UPI PIN. This feature would enable users with Indian bank accounts to send money to select international merchants and complete transactions.

The screenshot also indicates that the international payment option may have an activation period of up to three months on WhatsApp. In contrast, Google Pay offers a shorter activation period of seven days for its international transactions. Other major players in the UPI space, such as PhonePe, already support international payments, giving WhatsApp tough competition in this sector.

As WhatsApp looks to expand its services and attract more users, the introduction of international payments via UPI could be a strategic move. However, the platform will need to ensure that the feature is secure, user-friendly, and compliant with financial regulations to make it a success. Keep an eye out for official announcements from WhatsApp regarding this new feature and how it may impact the digital payments landscape.


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