If former President Donald Trump were to secure a second term in office, the global economic landscape could be facing a resurgence of inflation. Analysts have expressed concerns over the potential inflationary effects of Trump’s America-first policies, which were prominent during his first term in office. The high tariffs and low tax economic agenda implemented
President Joe Biden recently addressed the unfortunate incident involving the shooting at former President Donald Trump’s rally. His remarks expressed deep concern over the violence and emphasized the need for national unity to combat such actions. Biden’s call for condemnation of political violence resonated with many, as he highlighted the importance of coming together as
Russia recently accused Australia of inciting “anti-Russian paranoia” over the arrest of a Russian-born couple on espionage charges. The Russian embassy in Canberra released a statement to Russia’s RIA state news agency expressing concern over the situation. They claimed that the purpose of the arrest was to fuel anti-Russian sentiments within Australia and deflect attention
Aimee Harris, a Florida woman, was arrested in Georgia just one day before she was scheduled to surrender for a month-long jail term. This arrest stemmed from the stolen diary of President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, which Harris had stolen and sold to a right-wing media group, Project Veritas. Harris was arrested in Georgia
As the NATO alliance gathers for its 75th anniversary summit in Washington, all eyes are on U.S. President Joe Biden. Concerns about his age and mental fitness have been raised following a less than stellar debate performance against former President Donald Trump. Former NATO deputy secretary-general Rose Gottemoeller emphasized the importance of this summit for
French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to call a snap election in an attempt to gain clarity and support for his government has ultimately backfired. According to Armin Steinbach, Professor of EU Law and economics at HEC Paris, Macron’s gamble did not pay off as expected. The election did not provide the clarity he sought, as