China’s real estate market has been experiencing a decline in home prices, raising concerns about the potential for an economic slowdown. Richard Koo, chief economist at Nomura Research Institute, emphasized the need for convincing people that home prices are set to increase in order to stimulate economic activity. However, there are conflicting views on whether
Recently, there has been a lot of speculation regarding the future of interest rates in the U.S. economy. The U.S. Federal Reserve seems determined not to reduce interest rates too soon, and some economists are now saying that recent data has made a summer rate cut completely off the table. This renewed confidence in the
The recent meeting between U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Chinese Premier Li Qiang highlighted the significance of having difficult conversations in maintaining stable relations between two economic giants. Yellen emphasized the need for open communication and mutual respect, acknowledging the differences that exist between the two countries. This approach, although commendable, raises questions about
U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s recent comments on China’s excess manufacturing capacity have stirred controversy, with Chinese state media accusing her of perpetuating the “China threat” narrative. These remarks have been interpreted as a thinly veiled attempt to justify more protectionist policies on the part of the United States. The editorial from state news agency
The stock market experienced a significant decline on Thursday, characterized by volatile trading patterns, primarily due to a surge in oil prices and concerns regarding potential changes in Federal Reserve interest rate policies. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted by 530.16 points, representing a 1.35% decrease, closing at 38,596.98. This drastic drop marked the worst