Despite Elon Musk’s announcement of a new robotaxi product, the California Department of Motor Vehicles and CPUC have not received any applications from Tesla for the necessary permits. This lack of communication raises concerns about the timeline for Tesla to launch a robotaxi service in California. California requires aspiring robotaxi services to obtain two permits
Alibaba, the Chinese technology giant founded by Jack Ma, went through a significant reorganization in the past year. This overhaul included sweeping management changes and the split of the company into six business groups to enhance agility and competitiveness. The changes were aimed at steering Alibaba back to growth after facing internal and external doubt
During a recent Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin addressed concerns regarding Israel’s military operations against Hamas in Gaza. He explicitly stated that there is no evidence to suggest that Israel has committed genocide in the region. This assertion is crucial, especially given the widespread criticism of Israel’s actions by many countries,
Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman recently expressed concerns regarding the potential need for interest rates to move higher in order to control inflation. While her fellow officials have indicated that cuts are likely, Bowman’s stance leans towards a more aggressive approach to prevent inflation from spiraling out of control. She highlighted various upside risks to
Iowa’s recent victory over LSU in the Elite Eight marked a historic moment in women’s college basketball, drawing a record-breaking 12.3 million viewers. This milestone, as reported by ESPN, surpassed the previous high of 9.9 million viewers from last season’s NCAA championship game involving the same programs. Additionally, ESPN highlighted that Monday’s viewership figure was