The Santa Barbara International Film Festival has recently declared that its 40th annual festival will be taking place in Santa Barbara, California, from February 4 to February 15. To mark this significant milestone, the festival will run for 12 days, promising an exciting celebration ahead. Roger Durling, the executive director of SBIFF, expressed his pride
Drew Barrymore recently made a major revelation on her show that has left fans of the comedy world buzzing with excitement. In a preview clip from her show, she shared some thrilling news about Adam Sandler and the potential for a Happy Gilmore 2 screenplay. This news has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, overshadowing
When Nick Offerman took on the role of the POTUS in the dystopian action film Civil War, many viewers couldn’t help but draw comparisons to real-life political figures such as Donald Trump. However, Offerman himself was quick to dismiss any parallels, emphasizing that his character was completely detached from modern politics. He compared the experience