Vince McMahon Resigns from TKO Group Holdings and WWE Amidst Allegations

Vince McMahon Resigns from TKO Group Holdings and WWE Amidst Allegations

In a shocking turn of events, Vince McMahon, the executive chairman of TKO Group Holdings and founder of WWE, has resigned from both companies following allegations of sexual assault and sex trafficking. The news was confirmed by a WWE memo obtained by CNBC, which stated that McMahon will no longer have a role with TKO or WWE. This decision comes as a response to the public allegations made against McMahon, who has vehemently denied the claims. Despite his denial, McMahon expressed his intention to step down out of respect for the WWE Universe and the business of TKO, effective immediately.

The recent allegations against Vince McMahon surfaced in a lawsuit filed by Janel Grant, who accuses McMahon of directing her to engage in sexual activities with a WWE “superstar” and other individuals. Grant’s lawsuit also seeks to void a nondisclosure agreement she entered into with McMahon in early 2022. According to the complaint, McMahon agreed to pay Grant $3 million as part of the agreement, but only ended up paying her $1 million in exchange for her silence regarding his alleged misconduct. The lawsuit names McMahon, WWE, and John Laurinaitis (the company’s former head of talent relations and general manager) as defendants.

This lawsuit comes six months after federal law enforcement agents executed a search warrant on McMahon and served him with a grand jury subpoena as part of an investigation into his payment of millions of dollars to multiple women, including Janel Grant, following allegations of sexual misconduct. McMahon initially resigned from his leadership positions in WWE in mid-2022 amidst an internal company investigation but returned as its leader in early 2023. To cover the costs of the probe conducted by a law firm hired by WWE, McMahon paid the company a staggering $17.4 million in March.

Throughout this developing scandal, Vince McMahon has consistently denied the allegations brought against him. In response to the recent lawsuit, McMahon’s statement emphasized his respect for the WWE Universe and the important stakeholders of TKO. However, it remains unclear what effect this scandal and McMahon’s resignation will have on the future of WWE and TKO Group Holdings. The wrestling industry, which McMahon has played a significant role in shaping, may need to confront the aftermath of this controversy and address the broader issue of sexual assault within its ranks.

With Vince McMahon’s resignation, a significant power vacuum now exists within both TKO Group Holdings and WWE. The future leadership of these companies and their ability to navigate this difficult time will be closely watched by industry insiders and fans alike. The allegations against McMahon highlight the pervasive issue of sexual assault in society and serve as a reminder for all organizations to prioritize the well-being and safety of their employees.

Vince McMahon’s resignation from TKO Group Holdings and WWE in the face of serious allegations brings the spotlight back onto the issue of sexual assault and misconduct within the wrestling industry. Only time will tell how this scandal will shape the future of both companies and their respective reputations in the eyes of the public.


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