Unveiling the Exciting New Horror Film “Stream”

Unveiling the Exciting New Horror Film “Stream”

The highly anticipated horror film “Stream,” brought to you by the same talented producers behind the Terrifier franchise, is set to hit theaters in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico on August 21st. This thrilling new production brings together the majority of the Terrifier 2 crew, including producer Phil Falcone, composer Paul Wiley, and special effects producer Damien Leone. Director Michael Leavy, who also worked on the Terrifier sequel, takes on multiple roles in “Stream.” The star-studded cast features well-known genre names such as Jeffrey Combs, Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, Tim Reid, Dee Wallace, and David Howard Thornton.

The logline for “Stream” teases an intense storyline as the Keenan family unknowingly becomes part of a deadly game orchestrated by four deranged killers. With the odds stacked against them, the family must navigate a hotel filled with danger and suspense. The film promises thrills, chills, and plenty of shocking twists as the characters fight for survival in a game of life or death.

Fuzz on the Lens Productions has taken the reins as the production company behind “Stream,” with Steven Della Salla, Michael Leavy, and Jason Leavy serving as producers. Naresh Peter Menezes joins as an executive producer, adding his expertise to the project. Additionally, discussions are underway regarding potential sales opportunities at the prestigious Cannes market. Fans of the Terrifier franchise can also look forward to the upcoming release of Terrifier 3, scheduled to debut later this year.

Director Michael Leavy expressed his excitement about partnering with Iconic Events Releasing once again, this time for the debut of “Stream” on the big screen. He emphasized the team’s commitment to delivering fresh and modern horror content to audiences nationwide. Producer and DOP Steven Della Salla acknowledged the crucial role that fans have played in the creation of “Stream,” from their unwavering support to their contributions through platforms like Indiegogo. The filmmakers are grateful for the fanbase’s dedication and are eager to share their latest work with horror enthusiasts around the world.

“Stream” promises to be a must-see horror film that builds on the success of the Terrifier franchise. With a talented crew, a star-studded cast, and a gripping storyline, this new release is poised to captivate audiences and solidify its status as a standout in the genre. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to experience the terror of “Stream” in theaters this August.


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