Tulsa Hot Doks Film Festival to Showcase Award-Winning Documentaries

Tulsa Hot Doks Film Festival to Showcase Award-Winning Documentaries

The upcoming Tulsa Hot Doks film festival is set to showcase two critically acclaimed films that have been making waves in the industry. “Sugarcane,” directed by Julian Brave NoiseCat and Emily Kassie, and “Look Into My Eyes,” directed by Lana Wilson, are both expected to be contenders in the awards season. The event, organized in collaboration between the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival in Arkansas and the Circle Cinema in Tulsa, promises a unique cinematic experience for film enthusiasts in the area.

“Sugarcane” delves into the investigation of unmarked graves at an Indian residential school in Canada, uncovering hidden truths and sparking a reckoning among survivors and their descendants, including director Julian Brave NoiseCat. The film has already garnered attention, winning the directing prize for U.S. documentary at Sundance. On the other hand, “Look Into My Eyes” explores the world of New York City psychics and their intimate interactions with clients. Director Lana Wilson describes it as a journey into the psychics’ personal lives and shared experiences, ultimately depicting the human need for connection and understanding.

The executive directors of the Circle Cinema and the Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute are thrilled to bring a taste of their acclaimed festivals to Tulsa through the Tulsa Hot Doks event. The partnership aims to celebrate the art of documentary filmmaking and provide a platform for these exceptional films to be showcased in the local community. Special guests are expected to attend, adding to the excitement surrounding the one-night-only festival.

As the Tulsa Hot Doks film festival unfolds, attendees can look forward to a reception between the two screenings of “Sugarcane” and “Look Into My Eyes.” While this event offers a preview of the upcoming Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, preparations are already underway for the 33rd edition of the main festival, scheduled to take place in October. With a rich history and a commitment to promoting documentary filmmaking, the Hot Springs festival continues to draw audiences to the picturesque town nestled in the Ouachita Mountains.

The Circle Cinema, Tulsa’s oldest nonprofit movie theater, provides the perfect setting for the Tulsa Hot Doks film festival. Since its establishment in 1928, the cinema has been a haven for documentary film lovers, offering a platform for independent and thought-provoking cinema. By bringing together these two acclaimed films in collaboration with the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, the Circle Cinema reinforces its dedication to showcasing diverse stories and artistic talent.

The Tulsa Hot Doks film festival promises to be a memorable event that celebrates the art of documentary filmmaking and provides a unique cinematic experience for audiences in Tulsa. With the screening of two award-winning films and the opportunity to engage with special guests, the festival highlights the importance of storytelling and the power of film to create connections and foster understanding. As the event approaches, film enthusiasts and documentary lovers can look forward to an evening of compelling storytelling and thought-provoking narratives.


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