Tiger Woods Collaborates with TaylorMade for New Brand: Sun Day Red

Tiger Woods Collaborates with TaylorMade for New Brand: Sun Day Red

After his recent split with Nike, golf legend Tiger Woods has joined forces with TaylorMade to create a brand new apparel and footwear performance and lifestyle brand. The brand, Sun Day Red, pays homage to Woods’ tradition of wearing red on Sundays and features a distinctive tiger logo to represent his 15 major wins throughout his career. The announcement was made during a press event in Pacific Palisades, California, ahead of the PGA Tour’s Genesis Invitational, an event that Woods hosts.

Tiger Woods expressed the significance of this transition in his life and the importance of having a brand he can be proud of moving forward. Sun Day Red will initially be available exclusively online starting in May. Woods, dressed in a cashmere sweater from the new brand, stated that he trusted TaylorMade to “get it right” and emphasized his strong relationship with the company that dates back to 2017 when they signed an equipment deal.

TaylorMade CEO David Abeles highlighted that Sun Day Red is an entirely separate company with its own headquarters and dedicated employees solely focused on its development. The brand stands alone and is independent from TaylorMade, ensuring that it has its unique identity and creative direction. The collaboration with TaylorMade brings together Woods’ expertise and dedication to the sport and TaylorMade’s proficiency in product design.

Last month, Woods made the business decision not to renew his long-standing apparel partnership with Nike after 27 years. While the golf icon’s brand exposure has declined in recent years due to various injuries and personal setbacks, industry experts believe that his enduring legacy will continue to attract massive crowds and keep his brand relevant. Eric Smallwood, president of Apex Marketing Group, drew a comparison to basketball legend Michael Jordan, asserting that a brand can still thrive even if the athlete is less visible. The partnership with TaylorMade is seen as a significant boost for the brand.

Despite his reduced presence on the golf course, Tiger Woods is diversifying his ventures. He has taken ownership of a new indoor, tech-focused golf league called TGL, in collaboration with fellow golfer Rory McIlroy. This league, set to launch next year with a broadcast deal on ESPN, could potentially provide a substantial platform to promote the Sun Day Red brand and further enhance its visibility.

Rumors of a collaboration between Tiger Woods and TaylorMade had circulated for several months before the official announcement. TaylorMade’s creation of a new LLC called TaylorMade Lifestyle Ventures last year, along with the filing of various trademarks related to Sun Day Red, hinted at the potential partnership. The unique structure of the LLC is believed to provide Woods with equity in the new company, showcasing the commitment of both parties to the success of Sun Day Red.

Tiger Woods’ new partnership with TaylorMade marks an exciting chapter in his career. Sun Day Red represents a fresh start and a brand that Woods can be proud of. Despite his reduced playing time, Woods’ enduring legacy and star power ensure that his collaboration with TaylorMade will have a significant positive impact on both parties. As golf enthusiasts eagerly await the launch of Sun Day Red, the brand’s distinct identity and focus on performance and lifestyle are sure to capture the attention of fans and consumers alike.


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