The Urgency of Strengthening the UK Army for Credible Deterrence

The Urgency of Strengthening the UK Army for Credible Deterrence

In a recent report by the New Bletchley Network, a group of former defence and security chiefs emphasized the urgent need for the UK army to “prepare genuinely for war” in order to effectively deter threats. The report, which was based on insights from a panel of experts including figures like Lord Mark Sedwill, Lord George Robertson, and General Lord David Richards, highlighted the concerning trend of a “hollowing out” of the regular army and reserves over the years. This has left the size of the force potentially below “national critical mass”, posing a serious threat to the country’s security and credibility.

The report pointed out that the credibility of the British Army has been significantly weakened by years of downsizing and diminishing fighting power. It highlighted the fragile morale within the army and stressed the importance of rebuilding a strong and ready force. The panel of experts noted a warning from a senior figure in NATO who raised concerns about the UK army no longer being considered a top-level or “Tier 1” fighting force. This lack of credibility undermines deterrence and the ability to respond effectively to potential threats.

One of the key recommendations of the report was the need for a “New Model Army” that is widely respected and ready to engage in warfare if necessary. This revamped army should signal to adversaries and potential foes the strength and readiness of the UK military while emphasizing a defensive posture. The report emphasized the importance of maintaining military mass, which has been eroded due to budget cuts and cost-saving measures. It called for a reversal of this trend and a better understanding of the relationship between the size of the force and its technological capabilities.

In addition to strengthening the army itself, the report also urged for a total reset of how the armed forces procure weapons and manage their supply chains. This would ensure better value for money and optimize the readiness of the military. Furthermore, the report recommended the establishment of a new command structure in Whitehall that is “war-ready” and capable of responding swiftly to emerging threats. It proposed the creation of a task force, similar to the one responsible for the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine, to drive necessary changes and reforms within the armed forces.

Overall, the report from the New Bletchley Network highlights the pressing need for the UK army to undergo significant reforms in order to enhance its credibility, deterrence capabilities, and overall readiness for warfare. By addressing the challenges of a depleted force, fragile morale, and inadequate military mass, the UK can better position itself to respond effectively to threats and protect its national security interests. It is imperative for policymakers and defense officials to heed these recommendations and take immediate action to strengthen the UK army for the challenges that lie ahead.


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