The Trending International Box Office Hits and Misses

The Trending International Box Office Hits and Misses

The cat days of spring seem to be in full swing as Sony/Alcon’s The Garfield Movie takes the No. 1 spot for Hollywood on the domestic, international, and global charts. The movie raked in $27.1M in 60 markets during its overseas release, making its worldwide total reach $152.2M. Surprisingly, the international box office saw a minimal 3% decrease from the previous weekend, with markets like China, Poland, Australia, and Indonesia showing strong performances. In Germany, the film climbed 131% in its fourth weekend, while the UK only saw a 5% drop in its second weekend. With more markets like France and Japan yet to release, The Garfield Movie seems set to continue its winning streak.

In stark contrast, Warner Bros’ Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga faced tough competition internationally, with a $21M weekend in 77 markets. The film experienced a 38% drop from holdovers, resulting in an overseas total of $64.7M and a global total of $114.4M. While some markets like Germany showed a strong hold (-4%), others like Saudi Arabia saw a significant drop (-39%). The film is set to release in China as the first of the franchise, which could potentially boost its international performance. Despite a muted debut, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga will need to pick up the pace to match its competitors.

20th Century/Disney’s Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes continues to impress with a mere 28% drop in the international box office. The film added $15.2M in 52 markets, bringing its international total to $197.1M. Notable holdover markets like Germany (+32%), Brazil (+3%), and Australia (-7%) indicate strong audience interest. The global total now stands at $337.1M, making this installment the best-performing in various countries. With a consistent performance in both domestic and international markets, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes remains a strong contender in the box office race.

IF Maintains Worldwide Box Office Momentum

Paramount’s IF continued its successful run in the international box office, adding another $11M in 69 markets. The John Krasinski film has now reached a worldwide box office total of $138M after its third weekend, with an offshore total of $57.6M. Remarkably, the film only saw an 8% dip in overseas plays, showcasing its staying power with audiences. As it prepares to open in Japan and China in the coming weeks, IF looks set to continue its momentum on the global stage.

Overall, the international box office landscape is a mixed bag of hits and misses. While The Garfield Movie and Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes continue to dominate, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga faces challenges in finding its footing. IF’s steady performance proves that a compelling storyline and strong performances can resonate with global audiences. As the international box office continues to evolve, only time will tell which films will emerge as the ultimate winners in this competitive landscape.


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