The Tragic Bushey Incident: A Manhunt for Kyle Clifford

The Tragic Bushey Incident: A Manhunt for Kyle Clifford

The manhunt for Kyle Clifford is underway following the discovery of three women found dead in a house in Hertfordshire. Clifford, a 26-year-old from Enfield, north London, is being actively sought by detectives after the victims, identified as Carol Hunt, 61, the wife of sports commentator John Hunt, along with their daughters Louise, 25, and Hannah, 28, were found by police and paramedics in Bushey on Tuesday night. Clifford, who is believed to have worked as a private security guard, is thought to still be in either Hertfordshire or north London.

Despite being the subject of a manhunt, Kyle Clifford is described as being a familiar face among residents, with local families and retirees expressing shock at the turn of events. A woman who grew up with Clifford in Enfield described him as a “nice guy” who always appeared normal and non-aggressive. This image of Clifford as a friendly and popular figure in the community has left many stunned by the accusations against him.

The incident took place in a detached house in Ashlyn Close, in northern Bushey, near Watford, where police and ambulance staff were called just before 7pm on Tuesday. Upon arrival, they found the three women with serious injuries, who tragically died at the scene despite efforts to save them. The victims, identified as Carol Hunt, 61, and their daughters Hannah Hunt, 28, and Louise Hunt, 25, were reportedly still alive when emergency services arrived.

A Targeted Attack

Chief Superintendent Jon Simpson described the incident as a “targeted attack,” suggesting that the victims and the suspect were likely well known to each other. The use of a crossbow in the attack has added to the shock and horror of the situation, with police confirming that other weapons may have also been used. The presence of armed officers and a tactical response at the scene further highlighted the severity of the situation.

The impact of the incident has been felt beyond the immediate crime scene, with St Michael’s Primary School in Enfield taking precautions to keep pupils inside as a safety measure. Extensive police resources have been deployed in both Hertfordshire and north London, including armed officers and specialist search teams. The community’s concerns have been acknowledged by Chief Superintendent Simpson, who assured that additional officers will be on patrol to address any questions or information from the public.

The tragic incident in Bushey has sent shockwaves through the community, with the manhunt for Kyle Clifford intensifying as details emerge about the suspected perpetrator and the victims involved. The targeted nature of the attack and the use of a crossbow have added to the gravity of the situation, leaving many in disbelief at the events that have unfolded. As the investigation continues, the community remains on edge, hoping for swift justice and closure in the aftermath of this devastating crime.


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