The Success of Inside Out 2 at the Box Office

The Success of Inside Out 2 at the Box Office

The latest box office numbers for Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2 continue to impress as the sequel has now reached $481.4M worldwide. The film is on the verge of hitting the half-billion milestone, with Thursday’s numbers contributing significantly to its success. In 43 international markets, Inside Out 2 generated $23.4M, bringing its offshore total to $226.7M. Brazil had a remarkable opening day, earning $3.2M and securing the top spot at the box office. This achievement marks the biggest opening day ever for an animated film as well as the 5th highest for any movie in history.

Despite its impressive debut, Inside Out 2 experienced a 36% drop in Latin America compared to its record-breaking start. However, the film managed to increase its earnings by 2% across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The anticipation was high as China opened with an estimated $2.6M, hinting at a weekend total in the $10M range. The sequel has received outstanding praise from audiences, with a 9.5 score from Maoyan, surpassing all Hollywood movies this year and exceeding the rating of the original film.

As of Thursday, the top markets for Inside Out 2 include Mexico, the UK, Korea, Germany, Argentina, the Philippines, Central America, Australia, Colombia, and Chile. With Mexico leading the pack at $45M, the film is expected to surpass the first installment’s final earnings of $15.3M. The ongoing success of Inside Out 2 indicates a positive trajectory for its box office performance in the coming weeks.

Recently, Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2 made significant strides in the international market, grossing $29M in new overseas territories. This accounted for 22% of its weekend total and raised its global earnings to $438.7M. Italy, France, Spain, and Belgium were among the latest markets to debut the film, each achieving a No. 1 position. Italy, in particular, set a new record with $4.2M on opening day, making it the biggest animated film launch in history and the 7th highest opening overall.

The success of Inside Out 2 continued with France securing the 3rd highest Pixar opening day and the top opening of the year. Similarly, Spain and Belgium also set new records by delivering the biggest launch days ever for an animated film. The overwhelming response from audiences and the box office numbers reflect the widespread appeal and impact of this highly anticipated sequel.

The remarkable performance of Inside Out 2 in the global box office reaffirms its status as a blockbuster hit. With record-breaking openings in new markets and sustained success in existing territories, the film is poised to surpass expectations and cement its place as one of the top-grossing animated films of all time. As the weekend progresses, more updates are expected to confirm the growing popularity and financial achievements of Inside Out 2.


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