The Perfect Sword: Viggo Mortensen’s Unique Approach to “The Dead Don’t Hurt”

The Perfect Sword: Viggo Mortensen’s Unique Approach to “The Dead Don’t Hurt”

When preparing for his latest film, “The Dead Don’t Hurt,” Viggo Mortensen needed to find just the right sword for a specific scene. In a fantasy sequence within the film, he realized that the perfect sword was the one he already had at home, Andúril, from his time filming “Lord of the Rings.” Mortensen described the process of finding the sword as the final piece of the puzzle for the scene.

Although Mortensen knew that the sword was perfect for the scene, he understood the importance of seeking permission to use it in a different context. He reached out to Peter Jackson, the director of “Lord of the Rings,” to ensure that it was acceptable to include Andúril in “The Dead Don’t Hurt.” Jackson questioned the sword’s relevance to the story, but ultimately approved its use for the scene.

Collaboration with Movie Company

After receiving approval from Peter Jackson, Mortensen continued to work with the movie company to secure permission for using the sword in the film. He emphasized that while the sword was not crucial to the scene or the overall movie, it felt right to include it. The movie company was understanding of Mortensen’s request and granted permission for Andúril to be featured in the fantasy sequence.

By incorporating his own sword from a previous film, Mortensen added a personal touch to “The Dead Don’t Hurt.” The decision to use Andúril not only enhanced the scene aesthetically but also had sentimental value for Mortensen. It was a unique way for him to connect his past work to his present project and create a sense of continuity in his acting career.

Viggo Mortensen’s approach to finding the perfect sword for “The Dead Don’t Hurt” showcases his attention to detail and commitment to his craft. By seeking permission and collaborating with the movie company, he was able to incorporate a meaningful element into the film. The inclusion of Andúril adds depth to the fantasy sequence and highlights Mortensen’s dedication to creating authentic and memorable performances.


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