The Long-Awaited Fourth Installment of the Friday Franchise

The Long-Awaited Fourth Installment of the Friday Franchise

After nearly 25 years since the last sequel, Ice Cube has finally shared an update on the long-awaited fourth installment of the Friday franchise. In a recent interview on Flavor of the Week with Flavor Flav on SiriusXM, Ice Cube revealed that he is in the process of developing a follow-up with Warner Bros.

New Leadership at Warner Bros

Ice Cube expressed his enthusiasm for working with Warner Bros again, especially under the new leadership of Mike DeLuca, who has a history with the actor from their time at New Line. With DeLuca now running Warner Bros, there seems to be a renewed interest in bringing the Friday franchise back to the big screen.

Throughout the interview, Ice Cube paid tribute to his past collaborators, including the late John Witherspoon, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister Jr., and Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson. He expressed his frustrations with the delays in production, citing the loss of these talented individuals as a motivating factor for pushing the studio to move forward with the project.

Despite his eagerness to see the fourth installment come to fruition, Ice Cube emphasized the importance of doing it right. He made it clear that the film should only move forward if all parties involved are committed to making it a worthy addition to the beloved franchise. Ice Cube’s dedication to honoring the legacy of the previous films is evident in his approach to the upcoming project.

As the wheels are finally in motion for the fourth Friday movie, fans of the franchise can look forward to seeing Ice Cube reprise his role as Craig Jones. With the support of Warner Bros and a renewed sense of purpose, it seems that the long wait for the next installment may soon be over. Ice Cube’s determination to see the project through, despite setbacks and delays, is a testament to his passion for the Friday franchise and his commitment to delivering a film that honors its predecessors.


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