The Impact of Google’s App Removal on Indian Startups

The Impact of Google’s App Removal on Indian Startups

The recent decision by Google to remove several apps from its app store in India has caused quite a stir in the country’s tech industry. Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw expressed his concern over this move, stating that such actions cannot be permitted. This has raised questions about the power dynamics between tech giants like Google and smaller startups in India.

Google cited its in-app payment guidelines as the reason for removing apps such as’s Bharat Matrimony and Naukri. The tech giant claims that these fees are essential for the development and promotion of the Android and Play Store ecosystem. However, this move has faced backlash from startups who have been vocal about challenging Google’s practices, including its fee structure.

The core of the issue lies in the fees imposed by Google on in-app payments. Indian startups have been pushing back against the fee range of 11 percent to 26 percent that Google has been enforcing. Despite orders from the country’s antitrust authorities, Google has continued to demand these fees, leading to a legal battle between the tech giant and startups.

Impact on Startups

The removal of apps from the Play Store has had a significant impact on Indian startups like and Info Edge. With over 150 apps removed from the platform, these companies are facing a loss in revenue and visibility.’s founder expressed concern over the long-term implications of this move, stating that being out of the Play Store could result in a substantial drop in revenue.

Alternative Solutions

Google’s actions have prompted some startups to explore alternative solutions, such as launching their own app stores. In 2020, popular Indian payments app Paytm was briefly removed from the Play Store, leading to a united front within the startup industry to challenge Google. This move highlights the need for startups to find ways to protect themselves from the dominance of tech giants.

Google’s decision to remove apps from its app store in India has brought to light the challenges faced by startups in dealing with the power dynamics of the tech industry. As the dispute over fees continues, it is essential for startups to explore alternative solutions and collaborate to protect their interests in the digital ecosystem.


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