The Future of NASCAR Racing: A Move Towards Sustainability

The Future of NASCAR Racing: A Move Towards Sustainability

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainability, NASCAR has officially unveiled a prototype electric race car as part of their new initiative to reduce emissions and electrify aspects of the sport. This initiative represents a major shift towards a more environmentally friendly approach, aligning with NASCAR’s long-term goal of achieving net-zero operating emissions by 2035.

The “ABB NASCAR EV Prototype,” developed in collaboration with leading automakers such as Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota, is a cutting-edge electrified stock car capable of producing an impressive 1,000 kW (1341 horsepower) at peak power. Similar to other hybrid or full-electric vehicles, this race car features a regenerative braking system that converts kinetic energy from braking into electrical power, making it more efficient and sustainable on the track.

In partnership with ABB, the electrification, and automation company, NASCAR’s move towards decarbonizing its operations and reducing its carbon footprint is seen as a significant step in line with the wider energy transition taking place in the United States. Chris Shigas, head of communications at ABB in the U.S., emphasized the importance of this partnership as a platform to address current environmental challenges and the collective efforts towards a greener future.

While there are no immediate plans to entirely replace combustion engines in stock car racing, NASCAR’s new initiative opens up possibilities for exploring high-performance electric racing in the future. Officials have indicated that both organizations will collaborate to identify areas within NASCAR racing competitions, race track operations, and transportation that can be electrified, paving the way for a more sustainable approach to the sport.

The partnership between NASCAR and ABB is set to be a multiyear commitment aimed at showcasing how companies across the United States can make their operations more sustainable. This collaboration will involve examining all aspects of NASCAR’s operations, from long-haul trucking to on-site EV charging stations, with the goal of creating a model for sustainability that can be adopted by other industries.

NASCAR’s unveiling of the prototype electric race car marks a significant step towards a more sustainable future for the sport. With a clear commitment to reducing emissions and embracing electrification, NASCAR is setting an example for other racing organizations and industries to follow. This innovative approach not only aligns with environmental goals but also highlights the potential for high-performance electric racing to become a reality in the near future.


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