The Fight for Stronger Protections Against Terrorism

The Fight for Stronger Protections Against Terrorism

A grieving mother, Figen Murray, is embarking on a 200-mile walk from the Manchester Arena, where her son was tragically killed in a terrorist attack, to Downing Street. This journey is in demand for the implementation of Martyn’s Law, named after her son Martyn Hett, who was one of the victims of the attack in May 2017. Martyn’s Law aims to enforce training requirements and preventive measures against terrorist attacks at venues and local authorities in the UK.

Ms. Murray’s son’s death shook her to the core, leading her to tirelessly campaign for better security measures to prevent such tragedies in the future. The pain of losing her son without necessary security measures in place has fueled her advocacy efforts for Martyn’s Law. As she embarks on this 16-day walk with the support of family, friends, politicians, security experts, and the public, she is determined to bring about change.

The journey will culminate with Ms. Murray arriving at Downing Street on the seventh anniversary of her son’s death. She seeks to remind the Prime Minister of his promise to introduce legislation that will enhance security and safety at public venues. The walk symbolizes Ms. Murray’s unwavering dedication to ensuring that no parent has to endure the pain she experiences daily due to the loss of her son.

During the walk, Ms. Murray plans to visit memorials of terror attack victims, paying her respects along the way. Her goal is clear – to hold the government accountable for fulfilling its commitment to enact Martyn’s Law. By urging the Prime Minister to honor his promise and set a definite timeline for the legislation’s implementation, she hopes to prevent future tragedies and protect innocent lives.

In her efforts to push for Martyn’s Law, Ms. Murray has reached out to key figures, including Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham and former counter-terrorism police chief Nick Aldworth. She has also written to Rishi Sunak, requesting a meeting upon her arrival at Downing Street. By amplifying her voice and demanding action, she is determined to see tangible progress in the fight against terrorism and the safeguarding of public spaces.

As Ms. Murray continues her arduous journey from Manchester to Downing Street, her determination and resilience serve as a beacon of hope for those advocating for stronger protections against terrorism. The legacy of Martyn Hett lives on through her unwavering commitment to turning personal tragedy into meaningful change. With each step, she brings us closer to a future where safety and security are paramount.


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