The European Union Regulators Find Apple in Breach of New Tech Rules

The European Union Regulators Find Apple in Breach of New Tech Rules

In a recent report released by European Union regulators, it was revealed that Apple is in violation of new sweeping tech rules due to restrictions placed on App Store users, preventing them from being directed to alternatives. The European Commission has initiated a new probe into Apple concerning its contractual terms with developers. This investigation is part of a larger inquiry conducted under the Digital Markets Act (DMA) targeting major tech companies such as Apple, Alphabet, and Meta to address the dominance of Big Tech in the market.

One of the key areas of focus in the investigation is the implementation of anti-steering rules by tech firms like Apple. These rules aim to prohibit companies from obstructing businesses from informing their users about cheaper alternatives or subscriptions outside of the app store. The preliminary findings by regulators indicated that Apple’s App Store rules hinder app developers from guiding consumers towards other channels for offers and content, leading to a breach of the DMA guidelines.

The European Commission specifically pointed out that Apple’s method of allowing steering through links to external webpages for purchases is subject to various restrictions imposed by the company. These restrictions prevent app developers from freely communicating, promoting offers, and concluding contracts through their preferred distribution channels. Additionally, the Commission raised concerns about the fees charged by Apple to developers for acquiring new customers through the App Store, stating that they exceed what is considered “strictly necessary.”

If Apple is found to be in violation of the DMA regulations, it could face fines of up to 10% of its total worldwide annual turnover. This could have significant financial implications for the tech giant, similar to the 1.8 billion euro antitrust fine imposed on Apple earlier this year for market abuse related to music streaming apps. The issue of steering rules was also prominent in that investigation, highlighting a recurring challenge faced by Apple in its business practices.

In response to the DMA and regulatory pressure, Apple made significant changes to its App Store operations in the EU this year by allowing apps to be downloaded from external websites and third-party app stores. However, the Commission expressed concerns about the implementation of a “core technology fee” for app installations outside the App Store and the eligibility criteria for offering alternative app stores or distributing apps directly from the web on iPhones. Regulators continue to monitor Apple’s practices closely to ensure compliance with EU tech laws.

The findings of the European Union regulators regarding Apple’s breach of new tech rules under the DMA highlight ongoing challenges faced by Big Tech firms in navigating regulatory frameworks. As Apple and other major tech companies face increased scrutiny over their market practices, it is essential for them to adhere to the regulations set forth by the EU to promote fair competition and consumer protection in the digital market.


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