The Dangers and Complications in Modern Medicine

The Dangers and Complications in Modern Medicine

Dr. Smita Das from Stanford University highlights the real risk associated with off-label ketamine use. The dangers of a bad trip can have serious consequences for individuals who are not properly monitored or supervised during their use of this powerful substance.

Dr. Shikha Jain from the University of Illinois draws attention to the unfair treatment of women physicians when it comes to starting pay. The disparity between male and female doctors is concerning and sheds light on the ongoing issues of gender discrimination in the medical field.

Dr. Catherine Diefenbach from NYU Langone Health discusses the challenges of determining which immunocompromised patients should receive a COVID vaccine booster. The uncertainty and confusion surrounding this issue create a black box of problems that need to be addressed urgently.

Dr. Nikki Zite from the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine emphasizes the misconceptions surrounding tubal sterilization. The terminology used, such as ‘tying your tubes,’ can lead to confusion and misunderstanding among patients when it comes to their reproductive health choices.

Dr. Mark Fendrick of the University of Michigan questions the effectiveness of electronic nudges for increasing influenza vaccine uptake. He suggests that a small increase in the population receiving the flu shot may not lead to significant clinical outcome differences, raising doubts about the impact of such interventions.

Dr. Thomas Robert from Hôpital de la Conception in France warns about the potential for acute kidney injury following certain beauty treatments. A young woman developed kidney problems after undergoing a “Brazilian” hair-straightening treatment, highlighting the need for doctors to be vigilant about all possible causes of health issues in their patients.

Dr. Pat Pazmiño, a plastic surgeon, shares a cautionary tale about the dangers of surgical errors. He recounts an incident where another surgeon placed drains too deeply after liposuction, leading to complications and highlighting the importance of precision and attention to detail in medical procedures.


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