The Collaboration Behind Karim Aïnouz’s Next Feature Film

The Collaboration Behind Karim Aïnouz’s Next Feature Film

Recently, Fremantle’s Rome-based company The Apartment announced its collaboration with The Match Factory, Mubi, Kavac Film, and Rai Cinema for Karim Aïnouz’s upcoming feature film, Rosebushpruning. This partnership marks a significant milestone for The Apartment, particularly since the appointment of Annamaria Morelli as CEO earlier this year.

Kristen Stewart, Josh O’Connor, and Elle Fanning have been confirmed to star in Rosebushpruning, which is set to begin shooting later this year. Aïnouz will be directing the film, with a script penned by Efthimis Filippou. The screenplay is an adaptation of Marco Bellocchio’s debut feature, Fists in the Pocket, a satirical drama revolving around a dysfunctional family.

Viola Fügen and Michael Weber are spearheading the production for The Match Factory, with Kavac Film also acquiring the adaptation rights. Simone Gattoni is attached to the production team, along with executive producer Morelli from The Apartment. Crybaby Films’ Rachel Dargavel will be co-producing in the UK, while Mubi, Catherine Boily, Mitch Oliver’s Metafilms, and Anna Films are contributing to the film’s financing.

The Vision

Aïnouz expressed his excitement in revisiting Bellocchio’s seminal work and shared his aspirations for the adaptation. He aims to create a contemporary parable that explores the disintegration of the traditional patriarchal family, promising a narrative that is both touching and provocative. Collaborating with Filippou, Aïnouz envisions a dynamic ensemble of actors bringing this explosive adaptation to modern audiences.

The announcement of Rosebushpruning and the impressive lineup of partners involved underscores the anticipation surrounding this project. Aïnouz’s vision for the film, coupled with the talented cast and experienced production team, sets the stage for a compelling cinematic experience. As the collaboration between The Apartment, The Match Factory, Mubi, and other entities continues to unfold, audiences eagerly await the unveiling of this bold and innovative adaptation.


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