The Blair Witch Project Stars Demand Residual Payments and Consultation

The Blair Witch Project Stars Demand Residual Payments and Consultation

The stars of The Blair Witch Project, Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael Williams, have come together to make a public proposal to Lionsgate regarding the reboot of the franchise. They are requesting retroactive and future residual payments for their acting services in the original film. They are asking for payments equivalent to what they would have received through SAG-AFTRA if they had proper union representation at the time the film was made.

In addition to residual payments, Donahue, Leonard, and Williams are also requesting meaningful consultation on any future Blair Witch projects. They want to be consulted on reboots, sequels, prequels, toys, games, rides, escape rooms, and any other projects where their names or likenesses will be used for promotional purposes. They emphasize the importance of having creative input from the original team to ensure the success of future projects.

The trio is also proposing the creation of “The Blair Witch Grant,” which would award a 60k prize to an unknown or aspiring genre filmmaker. This grant is meant to assist in making their first feature film and is not a development fund. By creating this grant, they hope to support new talent in the industry and give back to the filmmaking community.

The post also includes a statement from the original filmmakers, Eduardo Sánchez, Dan Myrick, Gregg Hole, Robin Cowie, and Michael Monello. They express their respect for Lionsgate’s right to monetize the intellectual property but highlight the significant contributions of the original cast. They acknowledge the importance of Donahue, Leonard, and Williams in defining the authenticity of the film and connecting with audiences worldwide.

The stars of The Blair Witch Project are advocating for fair treatment and recognition of their contributions to the franchise. They are requesting residual payments, meaningful consultation on future projects, and the creation of a grant to support aspiring filmmakers. It is essential for studios to acknowledge the efforts of the original cast and involve them in the creative process to ensure the success of the franchise moving forward.


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