The Best Stock Picks for Earnings Season

The Best Stock Picks for Earnings Season

Amazon is one of the top picks for Wall Street analysts during this busy earnings season. With a 31% potential upside, the e-commerce giant has seen a significant increase in earnings estimates in the past three to six months. Analysts are optimistic about Amazon’s future, especially with the growth of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and improvements in the retail sector. The stock is up 18% for the year, and with buy ratings from major firms like UBS and Citi, investors are hopeful for a post-earnings rise in valuation.

Another stock to watch during earnings season is Mastercard. With earnings estimates on the rise by 12% in the past three months and 20% over the past six months, analysts see an 18% potential rally for this credit card company. TD Cowen recently initiated coverage with a buy rating and set a price target indicating significant growth for Mastercard. Despite being 8% higher this year, the stock is expected to see further gains following the release of its earnings report.

Equinix, a data center company, has also caught the attention of analysts during this earnings season. With a 29% increase in earnings estimates in the past three and six months, there is optimism surrounding the stock. Despite a 9% decline this year, analysts believe that Equinix could rally 11% from the current levels. As a Silicon Valley real estate investment trust, the company is poised for potential growth in the coming weeks.

These stocks are shining stars in the midst of a busy earnings season on Wall Street. With positive earnings momentum and strong recommendations from analysts, Amazon, Mastercard, and Equinix are all poised for potential post-earnings rises in valuation. Investors should keep a close eye on these companies as they release their latest earnings reports and look out for opportunities to capitalize on the growth potential they offer.


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