The Behind the Scenes of A24’s Y2K: A Closer Look at the Making of the Film

The Behind the Scenes of A24’s Y2K: A Closer Look at the Making of the Film

The cast of A24’s Y2K recently shared some funny and interesting anecdotes about filming a particular scene involving a group of high school students sliding down a hill inside an overflowing porta potty. Rachel Zegler, the star of the film, revealed that the “big mess” in the scene was actually a mixture of hot chocolate and glycerin, which surprisingly smelled delightful. She further mentioned that shooting the scene was quite confusing, given the unusual circumstances they were in. The porta potty was placed on its side and was bouncing up and down, making it a hilarious yet challenging scene to film.

Director Kyle Mooney shared that the idea for Y2K was born from a YouTube video his friend showed him, which featured a survival guide for Y2K on a VHS tape. This bizarre yet intriguing concept sparked the idea of creating a film centered around the events of New Year’s Eve, 1999. Mooney explained how he texted the film’s co-writer Evan Winer with the idea of two kids attending a party on Y2K, only for things to go awry. The film incorporates elements from the 1990s, including references to Tipper Gore and dial-up Internet, creating a nostalgic yet comedic portrayal of the era.

Y2K boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Julian Dennison, Lachlan Watson, Daniel Zolghadri, Mason Gooding, and The Kid Laroi. Produced by a team that includes Jonah Hill, Matt Dines, Alison Goodwin, and Chris Storer, the film showcases a collaborative effort from start to finish. Evan Winer, the co-writer of the film, shared how he immediately resonated with Mooney’s idea and agreed to bring it to life. The behind-the-scenes anecdotes and passion of the cast and crew shed light on the creative process involved in making Y2K a hilarious and entertaining film.

The making of A24’s Y2K was a unique and creative endeavor that involved a mix of humor, nostalgia, and teamwork. From Rachel Zegler’s amusing porta potty scene to Kyle Mooney’s inspiration for the film, each aspect of the production contributed to its overall success. With a talented cast and dedicated crew, Y2K promises to be a memorable and enjoyable viewing experience for audiences of all ages.


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