Samsung Patent Reveals Innovative Square-Shaped Smartphone with Extendable Display

Samsung Patent Reveals Innovative Square-Shaped Smartphone with Extendable Display

In recent news, Samsung has captured the attention of tech enthusiasts with its latest patent for a square-shaped smartphone with an extendable display. Discovered online, this groundbreaking concept showcases a small square device that boasts a display that pops out from either end via a sliding motion. Although the patent does not explicitly mention terms like “expandable screen for smartphones,” it aligns with the previously registered patents called Flex Magic and Flex Magic Pixel.

The United States Patent Application Publication reveals that Samsung has developed a new display technology capable of extension from multiple directions. With a primary focus on longevity and durability, the patent details the “prevention of the spring-back action of a metal layer at the end of a sliding display.” By addressing the issue of panel cracking caused by consistent strikes between the metal layer and display panel, Samsung aims to create a more robust and reliable device. Moreover, the patent indicates that both OLED and LCD displays are compatible with this innovative technology.

While the square-shaped smartphone is one potential application for this unique extendable display, the patent hints at several other possibilities. The ambiguous wording suggests that the technology could also be adapted for smart TVs, augmented reality (AR) devices, smartwatches, or an entirely new gadget. However, it is important to note that there is currently no official information regarding Samsung’s intentions in this regard.

Drawing a parallel to the Flex Magic Pixel patent, GizmoChina has reported that the newly-discovered patent shares similarities but also exhibits significant differences. Speculations arise regarding the possibility of Samsung leveraging their previous flex display patents to develop this square-shaped smartphone concept. While the details presented in the patent are intriguing, it is crucial to remember that this is merely a concept at this stage. There is no concrete evidence or official confirmation that Samsung is actively working on bringing a square-shaped smartphone with an extendable display to the market.

Samsung’s latest patent for a square-shaped smartphone with an extendable display has sparked excitement and curiosity among technology enthusiasts. With its innovative display technology that aims to enhance durability and reliability, this concept showcases the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities. While the patent hints at potential applications beyond smartphones, there is still much speculation and ambiguity surrounding Samsung’s plans. As we eagerly await official information and updates from Samsung, it is clear that the future of smartphone design may hold exciting surprises for consumers.


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