President Joe Biden Urged to Exit Election by The New York Times Editorial Board

President Joe Biden Urged to Exit Election by The New York Times Editorial Board

The New York Times editorial board recently made a bold statement urging President Joe Biden to exit the presidential election contest against Donald Trump. The board criticized Biden’s poor debate performance, stating that he appeared on Thursday night as the shadow of a great public servant. They highlighted that Biden struggled to explain what he would accomplish in a second term, respond to Trump’s provocations, and hold him accountable for his lies and failures. The editorial also pointed out Biden’s difficulty in completing sentences during the debate, which raised concerns about his mental acuity.

The editorial further emphasized that Biden’s argument for being the Democratic nominee rested largely on the fact that he beat Mr. Trump in 2020. However, The New York Times argued that this was no longer a sufficient rationale for why Biden should continue in the race. This critique indicates a lack of confidence in Biden’s ability to effectively take on the threat of tyranny and defeat it in the upcoming election.

It was noted that Biden challenged Trump to a verbal duel and set the debate rules himself. The editorial highlighted that Biden understood the need to address concerns about his mental acuity and did so by agreeing to debate Trump earlier than any previous general election debate. Despite this, the board concluded that Biden failed his own test during the debate, further adding to the criticism of his performance.

The editorial from The New York Times comes at a time when some Democrats and fundraisers are considering pushing for Biden to step aside in the contest. This pressure indicates a growing lack of confidence in Biden’s ability to defeat Trump in the upcoming election. The editorial board’s critique is significant as The New York Times has long been regarded as a leading liberal newspaper editorial voice in the United States.

Despite the mounting pressure for him to step aside, Biden showed no indication of considering exiting the race. In a speech in North Carolina and on social media, Biden doubled down on his criticism of Trump. He acknowledged his shortcomings in the debate, stating that he may not walk, speak, or debate as easily as before, but he emphasized his ability to tell the truth, discern right from wrong, and get things done. Biden expressed his firm belief in his capability to do the job, highlighting the high stakes of the election.

The Political Risk of Replacing Biden

Replacing the Democratic nominee for president at this stage in the election cycle would not only be politically risky for the party but also very challenging. The editorial pointed out that the only likely way to replace Biden would be for him to willingly drop out of the race. This indicates the complexity of the situation and the potential consequences of such a decision.


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