President Biden’s Re-Election Campaign Sees Record $10 Million Surge in Donations After State of the Union Address

President Biden’s Re-Election Campaign Sees Record $10 Million Surge in Donations After State of the Union Address

President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign experienced an unprecedented financial surge, amounting to $10 million in the mere 24 hours following his State of the Union address. This impressive sum, a new record for Biden’s re-election effort, stands out even when compared to other significant political fundraising figures. In January alone, Biden’s campaign, along with affiliated committees supporting the Democratic National Committee and other party groups, raised a staggering $42 million. This financial boost was made possible by approximately 116,000 donations from 113,000 contributors, as reported by a senior Biden campaign advisor.

Financial Advantage over Trump

The substantial financial support for Biden’s campaign further solidifies his early advantage over former President Donald Trump. With $56 million in the bank at the end of January, the Biden campaign proper holds significant funds for the upcoming election. In comparison, the DNC had $24 million in funds available, while Trump and the Republican National Committee had $30 million and $9 million on hand, respectively. Despite additional funds tucked away in other fundraising accounts, Biden’s campaign is leveraging its financial edge to launch a $30 million advertising campaign aimed at pivotal swing states.

The inaugural ad of Biden’s $30 million advertising blitz features the President directly addressing viewers, highlighting his achievements and drawing comparisons between his administration and the Trump era. The campaign’s emphasis on Biden’s ability to deliver results and his commitment to progress is evident in this targeted messaging strategy. Notably, Biden’s campaign saw a surge in fundraising in the past week, with a noteworthy $1.5 million raised online the day Trump was announced as the presumptive GOP nominee. The campaign’s grassroots fundraising efforts have consistently broken records in the past four months, culminating in consecutive hourly online fundraising records during the State of the Union address.

Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, expressed gratitude to the grassroots supporters whose unwavering dedication has fueled the campaign’s success. In a statement acknowledging the significant fundraising milestone, Rodriguez referenced Biden’s memorable celebration of the Affordable Care Act, underscoring the importance of grassroots support in driving the campaign forward. The campaign remains focused on re-electing President Biden and Vice President Harris, recognizing the critical stakes of the upcoming election for democracy, freedom, and rights. Rodriguez’s closing remarks, extending condolences to the opposition’s struggling campaign, underscore the determination and confidence exuded by the Biden re-election team.


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