OnePlus Working on New AI Text Summary Feature

OnePlus Working on New AI Text Summary Feature

OnePlus is reportedly in the process of developing a new artificial intelligence (AI) feature that will enable users to create text summaries from voice recordings. This feature was recently uncovered in the latest version of Oxygen OS, which is the company’s custom Android skin.

Support for Multiple Audio Formats

The AI feature is said to support various audio formats, although it is not currently visible to users. Even beta program participants will not have access to test out this new functionality. Interestingly, India has been mentioned as one of the potential launch countries for this feature, as indicated in the code strings.

Insights from Code Strings

The AI Voice Recording Summary feature will have the capability to handle different audio file formats such as MP3, AMR, AWB, AAC, and WAV. According to the code, recordings must be smaller than 500MB in size and less than five hours in length for the feature to generate a summary. Short recordings may not qualify for summary generation, and there could be limits on the number of tasks a user can initiate simultaneously.

It is speculated that there may be server-level limits on these new features, which could prompt the introduction of a paid subscription tier. Details about daily limits or pricing structures are not yet known. These restrictions suggest that OnePlus is considering various implementation strategies for this AI feature.

The AI Text Summary feature has also been referenced in the Android 15 Developer Preview 2, hinting at a wider rollout across different devices. While specific launch details remain undisclosed, it is clear that OnePlus is actively working on enhancing its software capabilities with AI-driven functionalities.

OnePlus is making significant strides in AI technology with the development of a new text summary feature for voice recordings. With support for multiple audio formats and potential deployment in various countries, this feature signifies OnePlus’ commitment to innovation in the Android ecosystem. Keep an eye out for updates on when this AI feature will be officially released to users.


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