New Labour Double Victory Signals Challenges Ahead for Sunak’s Government

New Labour Double Victory Signals Challenges Ahead for Sunak’s Government

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has been dealt a detrimental blow with the loss of two crucial by-elections to the Labour Party. The constituencies of Kingswood and Wellingborough, both historically supportive of the Conservative Party, have now turned red, adding to a string of by-election defeats for the current Conservative administration. This development poses significant challenges for Sunak and his party as they gear up for the upcoming general election scheduled for later this year.

The outcomes of the by-elections not only spell trouble for the Tories but also bring some respite to Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party. Starmer had encountered a challenging week, having faced criticism for scaling back his party’s green investment plan and grappling with an antisemitism crisis. However, the triumphant victories in Kingswood and Wellingborough offer a glimmer of hope for Labour, indicating that the electorate is open to change and willing to put their faith in a reformed Labour Party.

The by-election in Wellingborough arose after Peter Bone, the sitting Conservative MP, was recalled by his constituents due to accusations of bullying and sexually inappropriate behavior, which he vehemently denies. The Labour Party’s Gen Kitchen leveraged these circumstances and managed to overturn a majority of over 18,000 votes, securing the seat for Labour. The swing of 28.5% recorded in this election stands as the second-highest swing in British electoral history.

Similarly, in Kingswood, the by-election was triggered by the resignation of Chris Skidmore, an MP who stepped down in protest against Sunak’s green policies. Labour’s Damien Egan capitalized on this opportunity and successfully turned around a majority of more than 11,000 votes. These two additional losses mark the ninth and tenth by-election defeats experienced by the Conservative government since the 2019 general election. Impressively, Labour has managed to gain considerable ground, overshadowing the eight by-election losses incurred by the Sir John Major administration between 1992 and 1997.

Labour’s Successes and Its Path Forward

Following the announcement of the results, Sir Keir Starmer expressed his delight, proclaiming, “These are fantastic results in Kingswood and Wellingborough that show people want change and are ready to put their faith in a changed Labour Party to deliver it.” Starmer conveyed his party’s commitment to diligently work in the best interests of the working class and deliver the change the electorate desires.

Tory Chairman Acknowledges Disappointment

Richard Holden, the Chairman of the Conservative Party, acknowledged the disappointing outcome of the by-elections during an interview with Sky News. He recognized that the turnout among Tory voters was low and emphasized that the circumstances surrounding these by-elections were less than ideal. Despite this setback, Holden implied that the threat posed by Reform UK, the party formerly known as the Brexit Party, was not as significant as that of UKIP in 2010. He pointed out that Reform UK’s success in the by-elections stemmed from its ability to pull voters from various political parties, not exclusively from the Conservatives.

Sky News’ political analyst, Professor Michael Thrasher, highlighted the inherent difficulty in understanding voters’ shifting preferences in the UK. Due to the use of secret ballots, it remains uncertain whether voters have switched allegiances between parties unless they are surveyed immediately after casting their vote. He noted that Reform UK’s performance marked a significant achievement, surpassing the 10% threshold in both constituencies, a feat unprecedented in previous by-elections. The party has firmly expressed its intention to target the Conservative Party and has committed to fielding candidates in every constituency across the nation.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, both Labour and the Conservative Party now face the upcoming Rochdale by-election in two weeks’ time. It is worth mentioning that Labour has withdrawn its candidate for this particular election due to an ongoing controversy surrounding antisemitism. Hence, the Rochdale by-election will likely present a unique and increasingly unpredictable scenario for all involved parties.

The recent double by-election victory for the Labour Party serves as a wake-up call for Rishi Sunak’s Conservative government. The losses in traditionally strong Conservative constituencies indicate a desire for change among the electorate and highlight the urgency for the government to reassess its current policies and positions. The road to the general election promises to be an arduous journey, with both parties facing their fair share of challenges and uncertainties.


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