Moderna’s RSV Vaccine Approval Delayed by FDA

Moderna’s RSV Vaccine Approval Delayed by FDA

Moderna announced on Friday that the Food and Drug Administration has postponed the approval of its vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) to the end of May. The delay was attributed to “administrative constraints” at the agency, which caught many investors by surprise as the decision was expected to be made earlier. Despite the setback, the FDA has not raised any concerns regarding the safety, efficacy, or quality of the vaccine, providing a glimmer of hope for Moderna and its stakeholders.

This delay in approval comes at a crucial time for Moderna, as the company aims to recover from the significant decline in its Covid-related business from the previous year. If the RSV shot receives clearance, it will mark the second product launch for Moderna in the U.S. following its successful Covid vaccine. Additionally, Moderna will be competing with existing RSV vaccines from Pfizer and GSK that were introduced last year, adding further pressure to secure approval and market share.

Despite the delay in FDA approval, Moderna remains optimistic as its RSV vaccine is scheduled to be reviewed by an advisory panel to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on June 26 and 27. This panel will play a crucial role in determining the recommended use and target population for the vaccine before it can be commercialized. The focus of Moderna’s clinical trials has been on older adults, a demographic highly vulnerable to severe cases of RSV, which leads to thousands of fatalities and hospitalizations annually.

A successful approval of the RSV vaccine would not only be a milestone for Moderna but also showcase the versatility of its mRNA platform beyond Covid treatment. The company’s adoption of mRNA technology has allowed it to explore a wide range of diseases, including cancer, norovirus, and now RSV. Investors are eagerly awaiting the long-term potential of Moderna’s mRNA product pipeline, with the company’s shares already showing a promising 20% increase this year following a challenging period in 2023.

While the delay in FDA approval has posed a temporary setback for Moderna, the company remains resilient in its pursuit of diversifying its product portfolio and addressing critical healthcare needs through innovative mRNA technology. With the upcoming advisory panel meeting and continued support from stakeholders, Moderna is poised to make a significant impact in the fight against RSV and other infectious diseases.


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