Microsoft Enhances AI assistant Copilot with Redesigned Interface and Image Editing Capabilities

Microsoft Enhances AI assistant Copilot with Redesigned Interface and Image Editing Capabilities

Microsoft has recently unveiled a major update for its AI assistant platform Copilot, introducing a brand new design and enhancing its capabilities. The company claims that the revamped interface brings a “streamlined look and feel” to the platform, providing users with a more intuitive and visually appealing experience.

The updated Copilot now showcases a carousel on its website, as well as on its Android and iOS apps, offering prompt suggestions to users. This new addition helps users better understand the capabilities of the AI tool and enables them to bring their ideas to life more easily. The homepage of the website has been cleaned up, featuring a single Copilot logo at the top, followed by a visual carousel displaying images generated by the AI, along with accompanying text prompts. At the bottom of the page, there is a text field where users can enter their queries.

Edit Images with Ease

One of the standout features of the new Copilot update is the addition of an image editing tool called Designer. This tool allows users to make in-line edits to the images generated by Copilot, without having to leave the chat window. Users can customize the images, highlighting objects, enhancing colors, blurring backgrounds, and even reimagining the images in different art styles. These image editing capabilities are available for free to all Copilot users.

Additional Features for Copilot Pro Subscribers

Copilot Pro subscribers are given even more features to enhance their experience. They can now resize and regenerate images between square and landscape formats without having to exit the chat window, in addition to the capabilities available in the free version. Microsoft also announced its upcoming release of a new feature called Designer GPT, which will provide Copilot Pro users with an immersive canvas within the platform to visualize their ideas.

In addition to the Copilot update, Microsoft has recently announced its return to advertising during the Super Bowl, the championship game of the National Football League (NFL) in the US. After a four-year absence from Super Bowl ads, Microsoft will seize the opportunity to showcase its innovative technology and reach a massive audience of sports fans.

With the latest update to Copilot, Microsoft has demonstrated its commitment to improving and expanding the capabilities of its AI assistant platform. The redesigned interface enhances user experience, making it easier for users to navigate and understand the abilities of Copilot. The addition of the image editing tool further empowers users to customize and manipulate the images generated by the AI, bringing their ideas to life with greater ease. Copilot Pro subscribers receive even more advanced features, such as image resizing and regeneration. Overall, Microsoft’s enhancements to Copilot contribute to the company’s goal of providing users with a powerful and versatile AI assistant.


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