Mat Ishbia Forms Player 15 Group as Unifying Force for His Investments

Mat Ishbia Forms Player 15 Group as Unifying Force for His Investments

In a move to consolidate his various investments, Phoenix Suns owner Mat Ishbia has announced the formation of the Player 15 Group. This new sports, entertainment, and real estate investment group will serve as a single umbrella organization for Ishbia’s ventures. The Player 15 Group will encompass the Phoenix Suns of the NBA, the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA, and the newly acquired G-League team for the Suns. This marks a significant milestone for the Phoenix Suns, who were the only NBA franchise without a G-League affiliate until now.

A Unifying Brand

The primary objective of the Player 15 Group is to unify all of Ishbia’s businesses under one brand. According to Ishbia, the name “Player 15” represents the team-oriented mindset that permeates throughout the organization. Regardless of one’s role within the group, whether a star player or a janitor, everyone is expected to contribute to the team’s success. Ishbia believes in fostering a culture of unity and collaboration.

In addition to the basketball teams, the Player 15 Group will also oversee the operations of the downtown Phoenix Footprint Center arena. The company will also be responsible for the development of a new Suns and Mercury team campus and a dedicated Mercury practice facility, which is a $100 million project announced in October. Furthermore, any future investment opportunities for Ishbia will be conducted through the Player 15 Group.

The concept behind Player 15 holds a significant personal meaning for Mat Ishbia. As a former basketball player for Michigan State University, Ishbia wore the No. 15 jersey during his playing days. Being the 15th player on the roster, he referred to himself as the last guy to make the team. Ishbia attributes his success to his hard work and perseverance, qualities that he believes Player 15 embodies. It is a tribute to the player who may not possess exceptional individual talent but brings immense value to the team through their dedication and commitment.

Since acquiring the Suns and Mercury for a record $4 billion, Ishbia has wasted no time in implementing transformative changes throughout the organization. From revamping the front office to making significant investments in state-of-the-art facilities, he is determined to propel the Phoenix teams to new heights. With the hiring of CEO Josh Bartelstein and the addition of NBA superstar Kevin Durant, Ishbia is confident that the Suns are poised for success both on and off the court. He believes that the Phoenix teams have already proven to be a lucrative investment, and he envisions NBA valuations doubling again in the next 10 to 15 years.

A One-Stop Investment Solution

The Player 15 Group follows in the footsteps of other successful investment groups such as Fenway Sports Group, Harris Blitzer Group, and The Kraft Group. By consolidating all of his ventures into one entity, Ishbia aims to create a streamlined and efficient operation. The group provides a centralized platform for managing assets across sports, entertainment, and real estate sectors. This unified approach allows for effective decision-making and maximizes the potential for growth and profitability.

As the Player 15 Group takes shape, Mat Ishbia looks ahead with excitement and optimism. He is confident that this consolidation of assets will create new opportunities for growth and success. By fostering a culture of teamwork and unity, Ishbia hopes to inspire individuals at all levels of the organization to contribute their best. The formation of the Player 15 Group signifies a new era for the Phoenix Suns and sets the stage for a promising future.


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