Love Knows No Age: WWII Veteran Marries Near Normandy’s D-Day Beaches

Love Knows No Age: WWII Veteran Marries Near Normandy’s D-Day Beaches

In a heartwarming ceremony near Normandy’s D-Day beaches, a centenarian World War II veteran, Harold Terens, tied the knot with his bride, Jeanne Swerlin. This unlikely couple, aged 100 and 96 respectively, proved that love truly knows no age limit as they exchanged vows in the town hall of Carentan.

Both the groom and the bride-to-be expressed their joy and excitement about their special day. Jeanne Swerlin, in her remarkable wit, mentioned that love is not exclusive to the young, as she confessed to still getting butterflies and enjoying some “action” in her later years. She even boldly proclaimed Harold as the “greatest kisser ever”, adding a touch of romance to their unique love story.

The town of Carentan holds a significant place in history, being a key initial D-Day objective where fierce battles were fought following the Allied landings on June 6, 1944. As the world commemorates 80 years since the invasion that shifted the tide of World War II, the union of Harold and Jeanne serves as a symbol of peace, love, and remembrance for all those who sacrificed during the war.

A Toast to Peace

After exchanging rings and vows, the newlyweds raised their Champagne flutes to the crowds outside, offering a toast for “everybody’s good health” and the preservation of democracy worldwide. Harold Terens, a war hero himself, expressed his desire for an end to conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, highlighting the importance of peace and unity in today’s world.

Symbolic Gestures

The wedding ceremony, though not legally binding, held great meaning for the couple and those in attendance. The presence of President Macron and President Biden at a state dinner following the event signified the enduring French-American friendship and the shared history of the two nations. It was a poignant moment that celebrated love, resilience, and the strength of the human spirit.

The love story of Harold Terens and Jeanne Swerlin serves as a reminder that love transcends age, time, and even war. Their union near the historic beaches of Normandy is a testament to the enduring power of love and the hope for a peaceful future. Let their story inspire us to cherish the love in our own lives, no matter our age or circumstances.


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