Labor Announces Creation of Border Security Command to Tackle People-Smuggling

Labor Announces Creation of Border Security Command to Tackle People-Smuggling

Labour Party leader, Sir Keir Starmer, has unveiled plans to establish a new Border Security Command aimed at combating people-smuggling operations that bring migrants across the Channel. This “elite” unit will receive funding by discontinuing the Tories’ Rwanda deportation scheme and will be overseen by a former police, military, or intelligence chief. In addition, the unit will be granted enhanced powers under the Counter Terrorism Act to effectively address organized immigration crime.

The Border Security Command will have the authority to conduct stop and searches at the border, carry out financial investigations, and issue search and seizure warrants targeted at disrupting people-smuggling activities. Sir Keir Starmer emphasized the importance of cracking down on criminal enterprises that exploit vulnerable individuals for profit. He highlighted the insidious nature of this trade, which preys on desperation and hope, and called for a more robust approach to tackle the issue.

The announcement of the new Border Security Command comes on the heels of the defection of Dover MP, Natalie Elphicke, from the Conservative Party to Labour. Elphicke cited concerns over the government’s failure to address immigration issues, particularly in relation to border security and asylum claims. This move has drawn attention to the challenges and shortcomings in the current immigration system, prompting calls for a more effective and efficient approach to managing migration.

Asylum processing delays and a growing backlog have exacerbated the situation, with over 52,000 individuals awaiting decisions on their asylum claims. The influx of migrants crossing the Channel has also surged, with approximately 8,826 arrivals recorded so far this year. These figures represent a significant increase compared to previous years, underscoring the need for urgent action to address the ongoing challenges in the immigration system.

Labour has pledged to dismantle the Rwanda deportation scheme and redirect resources towards combating people-smuggling networks and addressing the asylum backlog. The party’s focus is on dismantling criminal organizations that profit from exploiting vulnerable individuals and ensuring a more humane and effective approach to managing migration. The establishment of the Border Security Command reflects Labour’s commitment to prioritizing border security and tackling illegal immigration activities.

The creation of the Border Security Command marks a significant step towards enhancing border security and addressing the threats posed by people-smuggling gangs. With a renewed focus on disrupting criminal enterprises and protecting vulnerable individuals, Labour’s initiative signals a shift towards a more proactive and comprehensive approach to managing immigration issues. By prioritizing the safety and security of borders, the new elite unit aims to stem the tide of illegal immigration and uphold the integrity of the immigration system.


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