Kevin Bacon Returns to Payson High School For Prom

Kevin Bacon Returns to Payson High School For Prom

Kevin Bacon, the iconic actor known for his role in the movie Footloose, is returning to Payson High School where the film was shot. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the movie’s release and the students of Payson High School have been lobbying Bacon to attend their prom. Bacon played the character of Ren McCormack, a teenager from Chicago who moves to a small town and tries to overturn a ban on dancing imposed by a local minister, played by John Lithgow.

Bacon announced his plans to visit Payson High School during the day of the prom, although he won’t be dancing at the actual event. He called in from Atlanta to share the exciting news with the students, who filled the school gym. The students erupted in cheers upon hearing that Bacon would be returning to their school. Bacon expressed his gratitude for the efforts made by the students to get him to attend the prom and praised their dedication to his charity.

The students at Payson High School were overjoyed by Bacon’s announcement. One student, Rubie Raff, expressed her excitement by telling Bacon, “Let’s dance! We’re gonna do it! This is awesome!” Another student, Kaleb Dymock, thanked Bacon and promised to “party really hard” with him at the prom. Bacon was touched by the students’ enthusiasm and commended them for their efforts to give back to the community through their support of his foundation.

Jenny Staheli, the school’s student council advisor, expressed her pride in the students for their hard work in getting Kevin Bacon to attend the prom. She mentioned that watching the students take ownership of the project and seeing it succeed beyond her wildest dreams was truly inspiring. Bacon, who previously celebrated the end of an actors’ strike by re-creating a famous dance scene from Footloose, has embraced the enduring popularity of the film and expressed gratitude for being a part of it.

Overall, Kevin Bacon’s return to Payson High School for the prom has generated excitement and gratitude among the students, faculty, and community. The students’ efforts to bring Bacon back to the school and their dedication to giving back to the community have been commendable. Bacon’s visit is sure to be a memorable event for everyone involved, and his ongoing connection to Footloose continues to inspire and delight fans across the globe.


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