Investigation into SNP Funding Leads to Re-Arrest of Nicola Sturgeon’s Husband

Investigation into SNP Funding Leads to Re-Arrest of Nicola Sturgeon’s Husband

Peter Murrell, the husband of Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and a former SNP chief executive, has been re-arrested as part of a police investigation into the party’s funding and finances. This recent development comes more than a year after Murrell was first arrested and subsequently released without charge. The initial arrest resulted in a search of the couple’s home and the presence of a forensic tent outside the property, adding a significant level of public scrutiny to the situation.

According to Police Scotland, Murrell was taken into custody at 9.13am and is currently being questioned by detectives. The investigation, referred to as Operation Branchform, has been ongoing since July 2021. This operation has also led to the arrest and subsequent release of other prominent figures within the SNP, including former first minister Alex Salmond and ex-party treasurer MSP Colin Beattie. The scope of the investigation includes examining approximately £600,000 raised by SNP supporters for Scottish independence campaigning purposes.

Challenges for the SNP

Following Murrell’s resignation as SNP chief executive in March 2023, questions have been raised about the party’s internal operations and financial management. The decline in SNP membership numbers by around 30,000 since 2021 has further fueled speculation and criticism of the party’s leadership. The arrest and ongoing investigation involving Murrell have put additional pressure on the SNP to address concerns regarding transparency and accountability.

The re-arrest of Peter Murrell has elicited strong reactions from political figures across party lines. Scottish Conservative chairman Craig Hoy emphasized the seriousness of the situation and called for full cooperation from all current and former SNP members and officials. Scottish Labour deputy leader Dame Jackie Baillie expressed concern over the prolonged nature of the investigation and its potential impact on public trust in political institutions. These responses underscore the significance of the ongoing investigation for Scotland’s political landscape.

As the investigation into the SNP’s funding and finances continues, the re-arrest of Peter Murrell raises important questions about integrity and accountability within the party. The outcome of this inquiry could have far-reaching implications for the Scottish political scene and may shape public perceptions of the SNP’s leadership. Moving forward, it will be essential for all parties involved to cooperate fully with law enforcement authorities and ensure transparency in addressing any potential wrongdoing.


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