Inter Miami Star Lionel Messi Criticizes New MLS Rules

Inter Miami Star Lionel Messi Criticizes New MLS Rules

Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi recently expressed his frustration over the new Major League Soccer rule that requires injured players to leave the field for two minutes. During a recent match against Montréal, Messi was fouled by defender George Campbell and forced to the ground, prompting the medical staff to attend to him. However, Campbell did not receive a yellow card for the incident, leaving Messi visibly upset with the new rule. As a result of the regulation, Messi had to exit the pitch at a crucial moment, impacting the flow of the game and his team’s performance.

Following the match, Inter Miami coach Gerardo Martino also expressed his displeasure with the new rules in MLS. Martino noted that situations like Messi’s injury need to be reviewed, as it unfairly penalizes the team that suffered the foul. In Messi’s case, the player deserved a yellow card for the foul, which would have prevented him from having to leave the field for two minutes. Martino emphasized the need for a more fair and balanced approach to such incidents on the field.

Inter Miami further faced difficulties with the new MLS rules when Luis Suárez took too long to exit the field during a substitution. This delay caused the team to be down to 10 men in the final moments of the match, impacting their chances of securing a victory. Martino highlighted the disagreement with the fourth official regarding the timing of Suárez’s exit, illustrating how the new substitution rules can create confusion and disruptions during the game. The specific regulation requires players to leave the field within 10 seconds of the substitution board being raised, adding an additional layer of complexity to the team’s gameplay.

Despite the challenges posed by the new MLS rules, Inter Miami managed to secure a 3-2 victory over Montréal, maintaining their lead in the Eastern Conference table. The team currently boasts 27 points in 13 games with an impressive record of 8-2-3 (W-L-D). However, the controversies surrounding the new regulations have sparked discussions within the team and the league about the impact on player performance and fair play. As Inter Miami strives to uphold their position at the top of the standings, they must navigate these rule changes to ensure continued success on the field.

The recent incidents involving Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez highlight the challenges and frustrations that players and teams face with the new MLS rules. As the league continues to implement and enforce these regulations, it is crucial to consider the implications on player safety, fair play, and the overall integrity of the game. Inter Miami’s experiences serve as a reminder of the need for thoughtful review and adjustments to ensure a level playing field for all teams and players in Major League Soccer.


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