Former President Trump to Meet with Business Roundtable

Former President Trump to Meet with Business Roundtable

Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with the Business Roundtable, a powerful business lobbying group in Washington, in an effort to build an alliance with corporate leaders. This meeting comes at a critical time as Trump seeks support for his potential campaign for president in the upcoming election.

Joshua Bolten, the CEO of the Business Roundtable, confirmed Trump’s attendance at the group’s plenary meeting on June 13. While President Joe Biden was invited to the meeting, he will not be in attendance due to overseas travel for a G7 meeting. In Biden’s absence, White House chief of staff Jeff Zients has accepted the invitation to address the group on June 13.

The meeting with the Business Roundtable could be a crucial moment for Trump, who is working to garner support and donations from business leaders for his potential presidential campaign. With over 200 CEOs as members, the Business Roundtable represents a significant group of influential figures in the business world.

Among the members of the Business Roundtable are prominent CEOs such as Steve Schwarzman of Blackstone, Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, Harvey Schwartz of Carlyle Group, John Stankey of AT&T, and Mike Wirth of Chevron. While some members have previously endorsed Trump, the group has had disagreements with his policies in the past, particularly regarding tariffs on Chinese products.

The Business Roundtable has not always been aligned with Trump’s policies during his presidency. In the wake of events such as the Charlottesville attack in 2017 and the Capitol riot in 2021, the group has taken stands against racism and violence. Despite these differences, Trump continues to try to court support from wealthy business leaders.

Even after Trump’s recent conviction in New York, Republican-leaning business leaders have shown continued support for the former president. Trump’s campaign reported raising over $50 million in the 24 hours following his guilty verdict, indicating a strong base of support within the business community.

Trump’s upcoming meeting with the Business Roundtable highlights his ongoing efforts to build alliances with corporate leaders and secure support for his potential political endeavors. The meeting presents an opportunity for Trump to engage with influential CEOs and showcase his platform as he prepares for a potential campaign in the future.


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