Exploring the Action-Comedy Film “Dashing Through The Snow”: An Exclusive Look

Exploring the Action-Comedy Film “Dashing Through The Snow”: An Exclusive Look

“Dashing Through The Snow” is a Christmas action-comedy movie directed by Prince Bagdasarian and starring Scottie Thompson, David Koechner, Gillian White, and Isaiah Washington. The film is set in a cabin on Christmas Eve, where US Marshall Jo (Thompson) must protect a pregnant fugitive (White) from a bounty hunter and a hitman Santa, played by Hunter Ives and David Koechner respectively. Isaiah Washington portrays Thompson’s boss, Acting Deputy Director Winters for the US Marshal Service. The movie promises to blend dark comedy and action, providing the audience with unexpected twists and chaos in a winter setting.

Produced by James Di Giacomo and Sasha Yelaun alongside Prince Bagdasarian and Hunter Ives, “Dashing Through The Snow” is currently being filmed on location in Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead, California. Director Prince Bagdasarian expressed his excitement about crafting a unique movie that immerses the audience in a snow-filled Christmas Eve filled with humor and action. Producer James Di Giacomo commented on the script’s hilarious nature and the charming characters that will come to life on screen. Sasha Yelaun, also a producer, expressed his delight in collaborating with the talented director and cast to create a holiday favorite that takes unexpected turns.

Scottie Thompson, known for her roles in “Murder at Yellowstone City” and “12 Monkeys,” is set to star in “Dashing Through The Snow” after her appearance in “Hellfire.” David Koechner, famous for his role as Champ Kind in the “Anchorman” films, is bringing his comedic talent to his role as the hitman Santa in the movie. Gillian White, recognized for her work in “Outlaw Johnny Black” and the Tyler Perry series, “The Oval,” is taking on the role of the pregnant fugitive in the film. Isaiah Washington, known for his role in “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The 100,” will be portraying Acting Deputy Director Winters.

Expectations and Collaborations

Director Prince Bagdasarian and producers James Di Giacomo and Sasha Yelaun are overall enthusiastic about the movie and the cast they have assembled. The film promises to offer an entertaining escape into a world where holiday spirit meets unexpected plot twists and chaotic family dynamics. The collaboration among the cast and crew, especially with the director’s unique vision, is expected to deliver an action-packed and hilarious Christmas movie that audiences will fall in love with.

Scottie Thompson is represented by TalentWorks and Mainstay Entertainment, while David Koechner is represented by Gersh. Gillian White’s representation is through Amsel, Eisenstadt, Frazier & Hinojosa Talent Agency, and Isaiah Washington is represented by Attorney Ricky Anderson at Anderson & Smith PC. With this talented cast and experienced crew, “Dashing Through The Snow” is expected to capture the hearts of viewers and solidify its place as a holiday classic.


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