Exploring Oppo’s AI Vision

Exploring Oppo’s AI Vision

Oppo, a prominent Chinese smartphone maker, recently unveiled its vision regarding artificial intelligence (AI). The company showcased its ongoing efforts to bring AI innovations to users while shedding light on its future plans in this domain. This article delves deep into Oppo’s AI initiatives and the significant strides it is making in the AI landscape.

Earlier this year, Oppo introduced several AI features to select smartphones in China through the ColorOS New Year Edition update. Subsequently, these features were made available globally, reaching a broader audience. The company also revealed the establishment of its AI Centre in Shenzhen as a hub for driving AI innovation. Oppo’s ambition is to bring AI capabilities to smartphones across various price points by the end of 2024, encompassing existing features and forthcoming innovations. The company’s GenAI features are anticipated to surpass 100, signaling a robust commitment to AI integration. In parallel, Oppo has invested in an AI R&D Centre to cultivate proprietary technologies and strengthen its AI prowess.

An impressive aspect of Oppo’s AI journey is the filing of over 5,399 AI patents globally, underscoring its focus on innovation and intellectual property protection. Notably, a substantial portion of these patents – 3,796 to be precise – pertains to AI imaging, reflecting Oppo’s specialization in this domain. Furthermore, the company has forged strategic collaborations with industry giants like Google, Microsoft, MediaTek, and Qualcomm. By leveraging these partnerships, Oppo aims to advance AI capabilities in crucial areas such as image processing, computer vision, speech technology, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning.

Oppo’s commitment to AI excellence is evident in its development of large language models (LLMs) since 2020. The company is actively exploring large vision models and multimodal models to enhance user experiences. Noteworthy is Oppo’s deployment of an LLM with 7 billion parameters directly to smartphones, signaling a significant technological feat. Moreover, Oppo has prioritized data security and user privacy by pledging not to utilize user data for training models. The company has implemented stringent data protection measures, including third-party certifications, end-to-end encryption, and confidential computing technology.

In pursuing AI excellence, Oppo has partnered with Microsoft to deliver a seamless voice and text conversion experience for users. By leveraging Microsoft’s Fast Transcription and Neural TTS technologies, Oppo is enhancing its audio recording transcription feature and integrating desktop AI functionalities with mobile AI. Additionally, the collaboration with Google has enabled Oppo to leverage the Gemini LLM to power AI features in its flagship devices. Furthermore, Oppo is collaborating with MediaTek to develop chipsets equipped with dedicated Neural Processing Units (NPUs) for optimized AI processing.

Oppo’s commitment to AI innovation is commendable, as evidenced by its relentless pursuit of cutting-edge AI technologies and strategic partnerships. By prioritizing user privacy, investing in R&D, and collaborating with industry pioneers, Oppo is solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the AI domain. As the company continues to unveil new AI features and advancements, users can expect a more intelligent and personalized smartphone experience courtesy of Oppo’s forward-thinking AI vision.


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