Dev Patel’s Monkey Man: From Netflix to Big Screen

Dev Patel’s Monkey Man: From Netflix to Big Screen

The highly anticipated film Monkey Man, originally set to be streamed on Netflix, took an unexpected turn when Jordan Peele decided to release it on the big screen instead. Dev Patel, the star of the film and also its director, expressed his gratitude towards Peele at the Los Angeles premiere. He mentioned how Peele brought the film to the forefront, moving it from obscurity to the limelight.

The Journey to the Big Screen

The transition of Monkey Man from a $30M Netflix acquisition to a theatrical release was not a smooth process. Reports suggest that Netflix deemed the movie too gritty for the Indian market, leading to it being circulated to other potential buyers. However, the film faced a setback when Bron Studio, one of its co-financiers, filed for bankruptcy. This situation left the movie in limbo until Peele stepped in to rescue it and ensure its theatrical release.

Both Patel and Peele defied stereotypes through their work on Monkey Man. Patel, known for his roles in arthouse films, showcased a different side as an action star and filmmaker in this project. Similarly, Peele, recognized for his comedy background, ventured into creating thought-provoking genre films. The collaborative effort between the two artists resulted in a unique cinematic experience that challenges traditional expectations.

The production of Monkey Man was not without obstacles. Patel faced physical injuries, including breaking his foot and hand during filming. Despite these setbacks, he persisted in delivering a remarkable performance, describing it as one of the most challenging acting experiences of his career. Patel’s resilience and dedication to the project underscore his commitment to the art of storytelling.

The Road Ahead

With Universal acquiring Monkey Man for a fraction of its original price, the film is poised to make a significant impact at the box office. Industry projections forecast a promising opening weekend for the action-packed movie, signaling a positive reception from audiences. As Patel reflects on his journey from a karate class mishap to helming his own action film, he credits his mother for instilling in him the perseverance and discipline needed to succeed in an ever-changing industry.


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