Critical Analysis of Google’s Gemini AI Chatbot

Critical Analysis of Google’s Gemini AI Chatbot

Google introduced its Gemini AI chatbot to the Android operating system as a voice assistant earlier this year. This chatbot provided users with an alternative to Google Assistant. However, there were limitations to its functionality, such as the inability to set alarms, add reminders, or launch apps.

A recent report has revealed that Google may be planning to add a new music feature to the Gemini app for Android. This feature was spotted within the app’s settings, allowing users to select preferred music services with a voice command. While the details of how this feature will work are still unclear, it is speculated that Gemini will be able to play music from services like Spotify or YouTube Music based on voice commands.

In addition to playing music, Gemini could potentially offer a song identification feature. This would enable users to ask the AI to identify songs by listening to them or even someone humming. While this feature sounds promising, it is unlikely that Gemini will include playlist creation capabilities.

Future Updates

Although the new music feature is not yet available for use, there is speculation that it could be launched in a future update. The report did not confirm whether the feature was found in the latest version of the app or the beta build. It is also uncertain if third-party apps will be able to connect with Gemini Assistant in the future.

Google is reportedly working on integrating Gemini into Google Assistant-powered headphones. This would allow wearable devices to use Gemini as the voice assistant and communicate with smartphones that have Gemini as the default assistant. This potential integration could offer users a seamless experience across different devices.

Despite the promising new features and potential integrations, there are still uncertainties surrounding the capabilities and availability of Google’s Gemini AI chatbot. As Google continues to enhance its AI technologies, users can expect to see more updates and improvements to the Gemini app in the future.


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