Critical Analysis of Film Independent Screenwriting Lab Selections

Critical Analysis of Film Independent Screenwriting Lab Selections

Film Independent recently announced the screenwriters selected for the 26th edition of its Screenwriting Lab. This program aims to provide individualized story and career development for screenwriters with fiction feature scripts. The selected fellows will have the opportunity to workshop their projects under the guidance of experienced creative advisors.

The screenwriters chosen for this year’s Screenwriting Lab include Omer Ben Shachar, Mary Dauterman, MG Evangelista, Naomi Iwamoto, Thomas Kivney, Juan Paulo Laserna, and Jhanvi Motla. Each of these talented individuals brings a unique perspective and storytelling style to the table.

Each of the selected screenwriters presented a brief overview of their projects. MG Evangelista’s “Burning Well” offers a re-imagining of the Prodigal Son story, focusing on a young trans man’s journey home to mend relationships. Juan Paulo Laserna’s “Not My Name” explores a family’s struggles during Colombia’s insurgent warfare in 1996. Naomi Iwamoto’s “Promise” tells a coming-of-age story about an ambitious teen learning to grieve and love. Omer Ben Shachar and Thomas Kivney’s “Role Play” follows a struggling actor helping boost a casting director’s son’s confidence. Jhanvi Motla’s “The Manager’s Wife” delves into dark secrets threatening a marriage, while Mary Dauterman’s “Thirty Grand” follows two employees finding a bag of cash on Black Friday.

The Screenwriting Lab provides a valuable opportunity for these screenwriters to receive feedback and guidance from industry professionals. The creative advisors and guest speakers involved in the program bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to help the fellows develop their projects.

The article mentions past projects that have come out of the Screenwriting Lab, including Academy Award winner Chloé Zhao’s feature debut “Songs My Brothers Taught Me” and Hikari’s Berlin prize winner “37 Seconds.” These success stories highlight the impact and potential of the program in launching the careers of emerging filmmakers.

The selection of screenwriters for Film Independent’s Screenwriting Lab showcases a diverse range of voices and stories. The program’s focus on individualized development and mentorship offers promising opportunities for these talented filmmakers to further hone their craft and bring their projects to life.


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