Continuing the Search for Jay Slater in Tenerife: A Family’s Effort

Continuing the Search for Jay Slater in Tenerife: A Family’s Effort

The Slater family has made the difficult decision to remain in Tenerife to continue searching for their missing teenager, Jay Slater. Despite the police calling off the land hunt on 30 June after 12 days of searching, the family remains steadfast in their efforts to find Jay. He was last heard from on 17 June when he set off to walk back to his accommodation, a journey that should have taken around 11 hours.

To aid in their search efforts, Jay’s mother, Debbie Duncan, created a crowdfunding page that has garnered nearly £50,000 in donations. In an update shared on the page, she mentioned that while the police land search has ended, the investigation into Jay’s disappearance is ongoing. The funds raised will be used to support volunteers and rescue teams in the search for Jay.

The hunt for Jay focused on the northern village of Masca, near his last-known location. This search area included steep rocky terrain, ravines, trails, and paths. Despite the use of helicopters, drones, and search dogs, Jay has yet to be found. The dedication of both Spanish authorities and supporters has been acknowledged by Ms. Duncan, who expressed gratitude for their assistance.

A portion of the funds raised will be used to support individuals like Paul Arnett and Callum Fahim, who are actively involved in the search for Jay. The remaining money will go towards aiding rescue teams and covering the family’s expenses as they continue their search efforts in Tenerife.

Jay Slater had traveled to Tenerife with friends to attend a music festival in June. After leaving the event, he headed to a small Airbnb in Masca with two individuals who were deemed irrelevant to the case. Jay’s last communication was with his friend Lucy Law on 17 June, where he mentioned being lost in the mountains with a dying phone battery.

Following Jay’s disappearance, rumors and conspiracy theories have surfaced online, prompting speculation on social media. Despite the influx of online sleuths and volunteers joining the search efforts, Jay’s whereabouts remain unknown. The community’s support and dedication to finding Jay have been instrumental in keeping hope alive for the Slater family.

The Slater family’s unwavering determination and the outpouring of support from both the local community and online donors have been crucial in the ongoing search for Jay. As the investigation continues and the family remains in Tenerife, the hope of finding Jay safe and sound is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Despite the challenges and uncertainties they face, the Slater family remains resolute in their quest to bring Jay home.


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