CMF by Nothing: A New Era of Affordable Smartphones

CMF by Nothing: A New Era of Affordable Smartphones

CMF by Nothing, the sub-brand of the UK startup founded by Carl Pei, is setting the stage for the launch of its very first smartphone. Recent reports indicate that a device with a fresh model number has made an appearance on two regulatory websites, hinting at an imminent release. This development comes after the successful launch of wireless audio products, a charger, and a wearable fitness tracker by CMF by Nothing.

Speculations suggest that the upcoming smartphone from CMF by Nothing could be priced affordably, following the trend set by the Nothing Phone 2a. The rumored device, possibly named Nothing Phone 3, is said to be equipped with a Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chip, deviating from the use of high-end mobile processors. This strategic move could position the smartphone as a budget-friendly alternative in the market.

The model number A015, associated with the purported Nothing Phone 3, has been spotted on regulatory websites including the BIS India portal. This implies that the smartphone might see a global launch, with a specific focus on the Indian market. The BIS listing also confirms the branding of the device under the sub-brand CMF by Nothing, hinting at a dedicated marketing strategy for the new product.

Notably, the model number A015 distinguishes the upcoming smartphone from its predecessors, Nothing Phone and Nothing Phone 2, marked with model numbers A063 and A065. The introduction of the Nothing Phone 2a, identified by the model number A142, further solidifies the brand’s commitment to offering competitive pricing. With a speculated price range under Rs. 20,000, the new smartphone from CMF by Nothing aims to challenge existing handsets in the Indian market.

As the successor to Nothing’s most affordable handset, the Phone 2a, expectations are running high for the launch of CMF by Nothing’s new smartphone. While the Nothing Phone 2 entered the market at Rs. 44,999, the upcoming device promises to offer similar features at a more accessible price point. As the industry awaits further updates, it is clear that CMF by Nothing is gearing up to make a significant impact with its entry into the smartphone market.


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