Close Protection Officer for Rishi Sunak Arrested Over Alleged Bets

Close Protection Officer for Rishi Sunak Arrested Over Alleged Bets

A serious incident has come to light involving a close protection officer assigned to Rishi Sunak. The officer, who is a member of the Met’s Royalty and Specialist Protection Command, has been arrested and suspended due to alleged bets related to the timing of the general election. This revelation raises significant concerns about the integrity and professionalism of those tasked with providing personal close protection to ministerial VIPs and members of the Royal Family.

According to reports, multiple bets were placed by the officer, with at least one bet amounting to a three-figure sum. The arrest of the police constable came shortly after it was discovered that Mr. Sunak’s close parliamentary aide, Craig Williams, had also engaged in similar betting activities. The Gambling Commission alerted the Met Police about the suspicious behavior and an investigation was promptly launched.

In response to the incident, the Met Police referred the matter to its directorate of professional standards for investigation. The police constable was subsequently arrested on suspicion of misconduct in public office, after which he was taken into custody and later released on bail pending further inquiries. The Gambling Commission has taken the lead in investigating the alleged betting offenses, with the Met’s investigation running parallel to their efforts.

The severity of the situation prompted the involvement of the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), which will determine the extent of their role in assessing the incident. The development of this case raises questions about the accountability and ethical standards upheld by those responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of high-profile individuals.

Rishi Sunak expressed disappointment upon learning about the actions of his close aides, stating that he did not want the issue to overshadow the ongoing campaign. Mr. Williams, in his defense, claimed that his bet on the election date was merely a “flutter” and that he would cooperate fully with any inquiries launched in response to his conduct. However, the lack of transparency surrounding these events casts a shadow of doubt on the professionalism and judgment exercised by those in positions of trust.

The incident involving the close protection officer and the parliamentary aide raises serious concerns about the integrity and judgment of individuals entrusted with crucial responsibilities. The ramifications of their actions not only tarnish their own credibility but also call into question the measures in place to ensure transparency and accountability within key security and government roles. It is imperative that thorough investigations are conducted, and appropriate actions are taken to uphold the standards of professionalism and ethics expected in such crucial positions.


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