Cinematic Battle: Godzilla vs. Kong Makes Waves at the Box Office

Cinematic Battle: Godzilla vs. Kong Makes Waves at the Box Office

Godzilla vs. Kong: The New Empire continues to flex its muscles at the international box office, raking in an impressive $31.2M on Friday alone. With a three-day total of $47.9M in 62 markets, the film is proving to be a major player in the global cinema landscape. The added $18M from China on Saturday is particularly noteworthy, signaling a strong opening session that could surpass $40M. The Hollywood-tepid market is showing enthusiasm for this sequel, and if the numbers hold steady through Easter Sunday, Godzilla vs. Kong could potentially exceed $175M domestically.

China has welcomed Godzilla and Kong with open arms, as evidenced by the $13.4M opening day haul. The beasts captured an impressive 80% share of the market on 35,698 screens, putting their debut on par with other blockbuster franchises like Jurassic World Dominion. Compared to previous installments in the Monsterverse, Godzilla vs. Kong outperformed with a 51% lead over Godzilla and more than double the opening days of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Dune: Part Two. This strong start in China hints at a potential final tally of over $100M, which is a significant achievement in today’s competitive cinema landscape.

Beyond China, Godzilla vs. Kong is making waves in other key markets. In the UK, the film opened to $2.4M on 1,080 screens, securing the top spot ahead of other releases like Kung Fu Panda 4. Premium formats are also performing exceptionally well, with IMAX accounting for 11% of the total box office, 3D and 4DX each at 5%, and Screen X capturing 2%. These results mark the biggest opening day for a Monsterverse film and surpass several comparable releases in the genre.

India also witnessed a notable opening for Godzilla vs. Kong, with the film grossing $1.9M on 2,882 screens and claiming the top spot ahead of three local titles. This marked the biggest opening day for a WB Film, the best 2024 debut for a U.S. title, and the highest opening for the Monsterverse. IMAX screenings represented 9% of the total box office from 29 screens, further showcasing the film’s popularity across different formats.

As of Friday, the top markets for Godzilla vs. Kong outside China include Mexico ($7.2M), the UK ($2.4M), Spain ($2.2M), Australia ($1.9M), and India ($1.9M). These figures demonstrate the film’s widespread appeal and box office success across various regions. Godzilla vs. Kong is poised to continue dominating the global box office in the coming weeks, and updates on its performance are eagerly awaited.

Godzilla vs. Kong: The New Empire has made a significant impact on the international box office, cementing its status as a box office powerhouse. With impressive earnings in key markets like China, the UK, and India, the film is attracting audiences worldwide and setting new benchmarks for the Monsterverse franchise. As the cinematic battle between Godzilla and Kong unfolds on the big screen, it’s clear that this epic showdown is resonating with audiences and driving box office success on a global scale. Stay tuned for more updates on the box office performance of Godzilla vs. Kong as it continues its reign at the cinemas.


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