Chris Pratt Open to Joining DC Universe After MCU Success

Chris Pratt Open to Joining DC Universe After MCU Success

Chris Pratt, known for his role as Star-Lord in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, is now contemplating a potential move to the DC Universe. Recently visiting the set of Superman: Legacy with director James Gunn, Pratt expressed openness to the idea of joining the DC franchise. While he did not confirm a specific character he would like to portray, he stated that he is leaving that decision up to fans and industry figures like Gunn.

When asked directly if he would be interested in joining the DC Universe, Pratt responded affirmatively, saying that if the opportunity aligned with his schedule and made sense, he would be enthusiastic about the possibility. Despite his love for portraying Star-Lord in the MCU, Pratt acknowledged the chance to expand his acting repertoire and expressed gratitude for being considered for such roles.

Pratt’s history with director James Gunn, who directed the Guardians of the Galaxy films, adds an interesting layer to the potential crossover between the Marvel and DC comic book worlds. Gunn, now at the helm of DC Studios, has been busy directing Superman: Legacy, a film set to launch a new DC multiverse. With DC Studios’ takeover in 2022, Gunn has been open to including MCU actors in his upcoming projects, hinting at the possibility of a future crossover between the two iconic franchises.

Gunn’s statement to Empire about the potential crossover between Marvel and DC, now that he is leading DC Studios, has sparked excitement among fans. While he acknowledges that any crossover would be years away and requires a clear establishment of DC’s direction first, discussions about the possibility have already begun. Pratt’s interest in exploring opportunities in the DC Universe aligns well with Gunn’s vision of interconnecting the Marvel and DC worlds under his creative direction.

Chris Pratt’s openness to joining the DC Universe not only showcases his versatility as an actor but also reflects the evolving landscape of superhero franchises in Hollywood. With filmmakers like James Gunn at the forefront of these groundbreaking collaborations, the potential for a Marvel-DC crossover seems closer than ever before. Fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for Pratt and other MCU stars considering the leap to DC, as well as the innovative storytelling possibilities that may arise from this exciting union of superheroes.


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