Celebrity Antiques Expert Attacked in West London Store

Celebrity Antiques Expert Attacked in West London Store

Ian Towning, a 76-year-old celebrity antiques expert, recently fell victim to a brutal attack at his shop, the Bourbon Hanby Antiques Arcade in west London. Two men armed with hammers targeted the store, causing significant damage to the property and making off with thousands of pounds worth of jewelry. As a result of the attack, Mr. Towning and his security guard sustained serious injuries, which landed them both in the hospital.

Following the incident, Mr. Towning took to Instagram to share the extent of his injuries with his followers. He described being in “incredible pain” after the attack, highlighting the physical toll it had taken on him. Photos shared by Mr. Towning showed a large cut on his forehead, a bloodied face, chest, and hand, as well as a bruised eye. The traumatic experience left him shaken and struggling to come to terms with what had happened.

This was not the first time Mr. Towning’s store had been targeted. In 2008, the Bourbon Hanby Antiques Arcade was robbed by three men armed with sledgehammers and a gun, leaving Mr. Towning badly injured. Years later, in 2014, one of the perpetrators reached out to Mr. Towning seeking forgiveness. The man claimed to have turned his life around during his time in prison and expressed remorse for his actions. Despite the pain and trauma he had endured, Mr. Towning was faced with a difficult decision regarding whether or not to forgive his attacker.

In the wake of the recent attack, Mr. Towning expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support and kindness he had received from his followers. He acknowledged the need for time and space to recover from the ordeal and emphasized the difficulty he faced in discussing the incident. Despite the hardships he has faced, Mr. Towning’s resilience and strength shine through as he navigates the aftermath of the attack.

The attack on Ian Towning serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability faced by public figures, even in seemingly safe spaces. The physical and emotional toll of such traumatic experiences is profound, leaving lasting scars on both the body and the soul. As Mr. Towning continues to heal and recover, his courage and resilience stand as a testament to his character and strength in the face of adversity.


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