Apple’s New Repair State Feature in iOS 17.5 Beta Update

Apple’s New Repair State Feature in iOS 17.5 Beta Update

Apple is set to introduce a new feature in its latest iOS 17.5 beta update that will allow iPhone users to keep Find My on even when sending their device for repair. This feature, known as Repair State, aims to address the issue of compromising device security by turning off the device tracking feature during repair.

The Repair State feature was discovered within the codes of the iOS 17.5 beta 4 update by 9to5Mac. With this feature, users can track their device even while it is undergoing repairs without having to disable Find My. This new capability comes in response to Apple’s previous requirement for users to turn off Find My when submitting their iPhone for repair.

Enhanced Security Measures

With the introduction of Stolen Device Protection in iOS 17.3, Apple added a time delay for accessing critical settings like removing an Apple account or disabling Find My. This delay, currently set at one hour, aims to deter unauthorized access to the device. However, this has also posed challenges for users who may forget to disable Find My before taking their device for repair.

Usage and Limitations

In the Repair State mode of iOS 17.5 beta 4, users can verify that their iPhone is being sent for repair by entering their Apple ID and password. While in this mode, the Apple ID cannot be removed, ensuring that the technician can confirm the ownership of the device without the need to turn off Find My. However, users are advised not to activate this mode unless their device is actually undergoing repair, as there is currently no option to disable it once enabled.

It remains unclear whether Apple intentionally omitted the ability to turn off Repair State mode or if this functionality will be included in the stable version of the feature. This may suggest that technicians will be able to deactivate the mode on their end, although this detail has not been confirmed by Apple.

The introduction of the Repair State feature in iOS 17.5 beta update offers a convenient solution for iPhone users who want to maintain the security of their device even while it is being repaired. By allowing users to keep Find My enabled during the repair process, Apple is addressing concerns related to device security and unauthorized access. As users await the global stable version of iOS 17.5, it will be interesting to see how this feature evolves and whether any additional functionalities will be added to enhance user experience and device security.


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